Loveland, Ohio – PLK Communities wants to develop a 161unit, “multiple family residential” development on two vacant parcels totaling 5.781acres on Loveland Madeira Road next to New Hope Baptist Church. A previous proposal to build 101 “Senior” apartments on the land has fallen through.

LK Communities located in Kenwood, is a “real estate management company with a focus on multi-family fran 10:2015and industrial properties.” according to their website.

The project includes a 41,343 square feet, four-story building, 241 parking stalls and access from the signalized intersection at Highridge and Loveland Madeira Road. Of the 161 units; the proposal includes 96 one bedroom and 65 two bedroom units. The project does not include age restrictions. The estimated value of the development at completion is $17,000,000, according to a memo written by city manager, Dave Kennedy.

PLK approached the Loveland Planning and Zoning Commission on January 19 to ask for a re-zoning of the site to a Special Planning District.

The City Manager’s office said the proposal would bring $9,238 in general fund revenue and $26,292 to the Fire and EMS fund annually to the City, and a one-time payment of $161,000 in road and recreation impact fees. There was no estimate of the revenue impact to the Loveland School District.

These two LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV videos are of Mark Morrison, of PLK Communities describing the apartment community he wants to build, and Planning and Zoning Commission members asking questions and commenting on the proposal.

The discussion centered on the proposed income to the City if the site is developed for apartments, versus if it remains zoned for commercial uses, and whether an apartment complex is an appropriate fit for the existing uses along this stretch of Loveland Madeira Road; New Hope Baptist Church, Deer Ridge Apartments, Pet Nation Lodge, and the condominiums at Whispering Knolls.

By comparison, there are 94 apartments at Loveland Station and 40 apartments at The Trails at East Loveland, both recently opened in Historic Downtown. PLK proposes 161 apartments near the Loveland Kroger and New Hope Baptist Church.

Pam Gross made a motion to move forward with the Initiation for the Establishment of the Special Planning District. All members voted to send the proposal to City Council for their consideration of the concept plan. If council approves, the plan will return to the Planning and Zoning Commission for consideration of a more detailed plan.



PLK’s preliminary Site Plan


PLK Communities provided two samples of the type of properties they build…




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  1. Hopefully, the new apartments will provide subsidized housing to refugees from Syria or other war-torn nations. We could use a little more diversity of this type in Loveland.

  2. Why do the fire-flies get such a big chunk compared to the general fund ?
    At least they are building these on the right side. All new construction in Loveland Schools
    should have to be on the Hamilton side. Clermont & Warren are maxed out and the bridge was
    built for 575 cars a day, not the 13,725 that use it today.

  3. Loveland does not need more apartments. Now there will be apartments on both sides of the corridor entering Loveland. Robert Zapf is spot on. Take a look at how Mariemont has captured one of the “best places to live” labels, even with the addition of multi-family housing. There is a better way to expand the tax base. Loveland is sliding west.

  4. We do not need more apartments. Many renters are transient and have little interest in the community…if it goes downhill they can just pack up and move. Those in 1-bedroom units likely have no young children and no vested interest in the schools or their success. Further, many of the apartments being built—while not explicitly saying so—are catering to older adults on fixed incomes who won’t necessarily be funneling large sums money into our local economy. (Face it…young professionals looking for 1-bedroom units aren’t flocking to Loveland apartments; they’re in Oakley, Hyde Park, OTR etc.) I’m disgusted. Council is destroying our city.

  5. A simple proven fact. Apartment complexes are not a sign of prosperity and progress. Apartment complexes never improve over time. They start to deteriorate beginning on day 1. A majority of one bedroom units is an indication of the market being pandered to. Like mentioned, this is a quick way to increase the tax base and allow some developer to make a quick million or two. How far down the road until it becomes a section 8 wonder land. Loveland used to be a pretty awesome area. Not so sure now.

  6. Agree with subscriber Ryan. Why are we in such a rush to develop Loveland. How about another community vote? What ideas do taxpayers have? How about going back to the idea of a YMCA?

  7. EDITOR’S NOTE: “Loveland” if you mean City Hall had nothing to do with Senior apartments not being built at this site. The developer abandoned those plans.

  8. Loveland does not need more apartments. Build condos or townhouses, but not apartments. There is a much different mindset when you bring in home owners to a community instead of transitional renters. The best use would still be green space. Loveland is in a hurry to let anyone build with the promise of an increasing tax base at the cost of ascetics and long term vision for the city.

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