Deerfield Township, Ohio – Loveland-Symmes Fire Department Assistant Fire Chief Tom Turner took this photo last Tuesday evening at a baseball game in Deerfield Township’s Cottell Park. He told Loveland Magazine, “I love to take pictures of the Moon, but I didn’t plan to take any Moon photos Tuesday evening.”He was at the park to watch his son’s baseball team play a team from the Columbus area, and planned in shooting pictures of the game. “I was sitting just outside the right-field fair/foul pole so I had a 150mm – 600mm lens on my camera. My eye was drawn to the Moon the whole game because it was so bright in the blue evening sky,” he said.

He shot several photos of the moon as the game progressed and this Southwest Airlines passenger jet passed overhead as the game came to an end. Turner said, “I didn’t have a tripod, so I laid back in my chair to support the camera, and just by chance caught the Jet in the frame, with no clouds to obscure the shot.

He was shooting with a Nikon D800E and a VR 150-600mm lens with a f/5-6.3G Focal Length. The camera was set to f/6.3, the shutter speed was 1/1600s, and the ISO Sensitivity was on Auto ISO 100 – ISO 2000. The Auto ISO was 2000 for this photo.

Turner also provided these other details: Location was Latitude 39.305522, Longitude: -84.332212 Altitude, +876, Moon Phase Waxing Gibbous Illumination, 69.89% Azimuth, 169.9° Altitude, + 48.8°, and Age 8.62 Days

Turner says the moon was 223,003 miles away from his seat at Cottell Park.


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