Loveland, Ohio – The Norway spruce that stood for so long at the exit of the Loveland Post Office was removed on the morning of July 4 by Symmes resident Brian Griffin, a certified Arborist who owns Griffin Tree Care. Griffin noticed the poor condition of the tree and knew it was dangerous and probably being eaten from the inside/out by ants, so he talked to the Postmaster. 

Griffin said the tree was probably dying from a Canker disease caused by fungi that infect branches or the main stem of trees. He said not many spruce trees in our area will escape the infection and might soon be all gone.

William (Bill) Cobb, a Black businessman owned a quite famous general store that was demolished when the current post office was built. The post office used to be at the corner of West Loveland Avenue and Loveland Maderia Road; the building now housing The Quilter’s Studio of Loveland & QSL Workshop.

City Hall added Christmas lights to the tree and added a plaque in honor of Cobb. The tree became known as “Loveland’s Christmas Tree” but to many older residents, it was always Mr. Cobb’s Tree.

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