By Dr. Amy Crouse,

Greetings from the office of the Loveland City School District superintendent. When I joined the Tiger Family in 2014 as assistant superintendent of teaching and learning this was not the seat on the school bus I intended to occupy. Most of my work has been “behind the scenes” so I haven’t had the chance to really get to know many of you.  So, for my debut message as this district’s interim superintendent and educational leader I thought it best to begin by getting personal.

There is a reason I have dedicated 20-plus year to serving students and families at public schools.

There is a reason I worked to earn advanced degrees in education.

It is the very reason why I am here working for you: I want to see your child succeed.

It’s personal.  My parents both worked in public schools, and I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was in the first grade.

For me – the entire business of education is very personal. I love each and every young Tiger who walks through our doors, and – like the bus drivers who transport your child to and from our buildings, to the secretaries who greet them at the door, to the teachers who expand their world both inside and outside of the classroom, the food service professionals who nourish their bodies, and the custodians who clean and organize their space – I want nothing but their success. Together – we make up the Tiger Family – your student’s home away from home. Each of us feels privileged to host them as they grow and develop into who they are meant to become.

For the 2017-18 school year our district is focused on three key areas: Tiger academic growth, Tiger innovation and Tiger care. We will strive to ensure every Tiger will demonstrate personal academic growth, every Tiger will experience an innovative education environment, and every Tiger will be cared for and supported. It is our collective promise to you. It’s what a “job well done” means in this business of education that is so very personal for every professional who enters into it.

No – I hadn’t planned to move into the big office – but I want you to know that I am both humbled and honored to take the keys as a member of this special Tiger Family. We will make this a year for your student to remember – you have my word. Welcome back.   

In service to our Tigers,

Dr. Amy Crouse,

Dr. Crouse is the Interim Superintendent of the Loveland City School District

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