Loveland Magazine has been proud to partner with other sponsors to help make the Races a success

The Amazing Charity Race is this Saturday in Miami Township and Milford, however, will not enter the Loveland City limit.

This year, they will be starting the race at 8 AM atĀ PAXTON RAMSEY PARK and finishing at VALLEY VIEW FOUNDATION FARM Ā in Milford.


The Race Map is not made public until Friday night.

Here are the lane closures during the race starting at 7:45 AM until the race ends on these roads:

1) Southbound lane of Price Road from Paxton Ramsey Park to Ibold Road;

2) Westbound lane of Ibold Road from Price Road to Camp Friedlander entrance; and

3) Southbound lane of Price Road between Cub World entrance and Milford city line (just north of Miami Woods Dr in Milford).

(Note that both lanes between the Ibold and Price intersection to Cub World are open.)

This is a rain or shine event.

It’s so terribly hard to describeĀ ā€“Ā that’s why we say, “Loveland Magazine is proud to present this LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV video highlight reel of the 2016 Race.

You just have to SEEĀ it to UNDERSTANDĀ it.

The Amazing Charity Race started in 2005 as Loveland’s Amazing Race and has grown into one of the biggest races in the whole Cincinnati tristate area! Ā With a a little bit of this and a little bit of that – we make you walk, run, ride, think and do – all for the fun of it!

All of your entry fees go straight to all of our charities after we pay off our expenses for the race. Ā 

WHAT IS IT??: It is a full day of good natured competition, music and food and laughs. The race committee is laughing itself silly coming up with fun challenges. It is not a triathlon or a 5K race. It is not limited to runners or highly athletic individuals.Ā It is a race in that it has a start and finish line but along the way it challenges the contestants in many ways. It is a fun, quirky, adventure that challenges the contestants agility, balance, coordination, strength, intelligence, problem solving skills, fine motor skills, and most important their sense of humor. You are invited whether it is to compete or join our team of over 500 volunteers so come enjoy, have a great time for a good cause and as always expect the unexpected.Ā 

This year’s race will feature more fun, less stress and an all new course!

Watch this LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV video from the 2017 race.

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