Brady Burns and Melissa Hawkins Prenger

by David Miller

Loveland, Ohio – “Thanks to all of the parents, students, and staff at LPS and LES who donated either money or new books,” said mom, Amy Burns. The books that were collected are being donated to Cincinnati Children’s Hospital for patients. Amy also said, “A huge thank you to Melissa Hawkins Prenger,” who worked with Brady to help get this compassion project off the ground. “She is a blessing to the Loveland City School District.”  

Brady is a 10th grader at Loveland High School. He was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease two years ago and knows what it is like to be away from friends and family while getting treatments at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. He gets IVIG infusions once a month which lasts 12-14 hours.   

Brady said, “I spend a lot of time at Children’s Hospital and it is boring. I take a book along with my Play Station to pass time. I see other kids who are away from home for days on end. I wanted to organize a compassion project for the patients at Children’s Hospital. If we can all give them something to brighten their day and make the hospital stay more manageable then it is worth it.” 

Prenger says that “Brady is such an inspiration for taking his own experiences and hardships and turning it into good for others. That’s what makes him a true leader. Each and every book represents a smile and, perhaps, a day made. I am so proud of him.” Melissa Prenger teaches 3rd grade at the Loveland Elementary School. 

Brady is also working with Mrs. Heybruch at the Loveland Early Childhood Center and will be doing another service project in the coming months. 

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