I feel like the time is now to make an apology.

by Ryan Kulik,

Recently I spoke to council and submitted my prepared statement to David Miller at Loveland Magazine. (Ryan Kulik: Political motivated amateurs have taken over) (Loveland Community Heartbeat PAC responds to Mr. Kulik) In the days that followed, it was brought to my attention that part of my spoken statement was not one hundred percent factual. I also reflected on my demeanor, and the words I chose in trying to get my larger point across to council, the audience, and anyone watching online. I accepted that I had misspoken on something in my remarks, and proceeded to apologize in the Facebook comment feed in Loveland Magazine. I had planned on making a public mea culpa when the opportunity presented itself. My conscience will not allow me to wait for that moment, I feel like the time is now to make an apology.

Ryan Kulik

I’m sorry.

I am sorry for not having my facts correct when I was trying to ask council why our economic development was in limbo. When I spoke at public forum, I was incorrect when I said the former economic developer had brought a certain amount of money into our community. That was a misstatement. Intentional or not, when someone does not make their point clear, and correct, the larger narrative will always suffer.  I wanted to talk about something of great importance, positive economic growth, and my slip-up cost me the chance to move any meaningful conversation forward. I owe an apology to council for wasting their time, the community for having to double check my words, and to myself for not being professional.

I am sorry for calling people amateurs. I can clearly see that I was the one playing amateur politics. My ego, coupled with my frustration are all excuses I give myself for trying to claim the mantle of professionalism. Those excuses do not portray the skill of a professional. I am just one Loveland resident who tried to make a personal point on growth and economic prosperity. By letting my ego work in concert with my frustration towards our council, I used baseless adjectives in describing the politically active in our community That means I sought the refuge of a political amateur.

I owe an apology to council for wasting their time, the community for having to double check my words, and to myself for not being professional.

I am sorry that my greater point was lost in the all the noise generated about my inarticulate comments to council. I do believe members of our council have been acting in a manner that has stalled the positive economic growth Loveland has been experiencing the last few years. I do think it is wrong for a local Chamber of Commerce to work in conjunction with a Political Action Committee who has openly advocated for the stalling of economic development projects. I do not believe we need an extra layer of bureaucracy added to the required rules for moving any new economic development forward. Extra bureaucracy has always been a hurdle many new businesses would prefer not to jump over. I believe Loveland is a desirable community, and new residential developments would expand the tax base. New residents can help ease the economic burden, and make it less likely that council will approach the residents of Loveland with a tax increase. I believe the city of Loveland needs a proper economic development consultant, whomever that person may be. I am sorry I was not able to engage our council, and our community on my vision for an economically prosperous Loveland.

With words like amateur, illegal, and corruption being thrown around, Loveland politics has become a lot of noise and has lacked substantive debate. I added to the climate with my poor statement at public forum. I hope the people running for city council, the groups politically mobilized for the election, and the concerned residents like myself can come together and focus on the issues that make Loveland great. I know that is what I am going to do.

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  1. I believe Mr. Kulik has done the right thing by apologizing for his words before council last week. I appreciate that it was not easy to make this apology, especially when he obviously feels strongly about the underlying correctness of his position. Thank you for making this clear apology.

    The people of Loveland are an informed and engaged community. It was not lightly they recalled former Mayor Fitzgerald. It took significant time, effort, organization and community dialogue to accomplish this rarity in politics.

    Loveland is a wonderful place to live. Development purely for the sake of generating more money is not what people want, and they made their desires clear. There are many ways to increase the value of a community and building more stuff is not necessarily one of them, or one the people of Loveland embrace. Maintaining green space, farms, the quality of the unique Little Miami River and its watershed – these are things we put first – in short, our quality of life. As the song goes, “Money can’t buy you love” or in our case, Loveland. What people are demanding is a citizen-led creation of a new Master Plan for Loveland that reflects the values and interests of residents, not outside economic interests who see our special town as another place to exploit and run.

    If I could suggest one thing that will assist you in the future if you truly wish to play a positive role in Loveland. Make your apologies directly to those you publicly attacked. You know who they are and how to reach them.

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