Many in the Loveland area already know of the remarkable work of Loveland High School grad Dean Parker.

Dean, a highly awarded film-maker, is a former employee of Loveland Magazine – Writer, Videographer, Video Editor and Producer.

This is an independent short film that is being created entirely by Ohio University media students and being shot in Athens, Ohio. The film takes place entirely in a bar and tells the story of a suicidal man who forces his bartender to carry out his death wish through a life defining conversation. The film is written by Ron Shalom and being directed by Dean Parker.

A film like this requires certain financial needs to make it possible. This includes paying our professional actors, paying for their location, feeding the cast and crew, purchasing props, makeup and costumes, and many other things.

By donating to the film, not only are you helping make this story come to life, but you are also supporting student filmmaking. Everyone on the crew is dedicated and ready to make this film the best it can be. And with your support, it can be possible.

The students have created a GoFundMe page to make it easy for you to be part of the films success. Watch their GoFundMe promo…

Any donation of any amount is helpful and greatly appreciated. And there are also various rewards if you become a backer:

$10 – A special thank you in the credits

$20 – Everything listed above, plus you will receive a short special thank you video from the cast and crew

$30 – Everything listed above, plus access to see the completed film before the general public

$50 – Everything listed above, plus you will receive a copy of the script

$100 – Everything listed above, plus you will receive a movie poster

$200 – Everything listed above, plus you will be credited as an executive donor

$350 – Everything listed above, plus you will be credited as an executive producer

$500 – Everything listed above, plus if you are of legal age and live in Ohio, one or all of the producers will take you out for a drink at any bar of your choice

Top donor will also receive the crystal bar set that was used in the GoFundMe video

The deadline for their goal is March 3rd, 2019

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