by CeeCee Collins

Lately, I have been hearing a lot about empathy in the workplace and the importance its role has in a businessā€™s success.

The Little Miami River Chamber Alliance is part of another organization in Ohio called the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance (SOCA). Basically, they take many chambers and pull them together to provide additional benefits to the chamberā€™s members. This organization is optional. One of the largest benefits SOCA provides is affordable health insurance to small to medium sized businesses through their Anthem plan. I do know that it is a comprehensive health plan and businesses can join at different levels of coverageā€¦this is where I hand it over to the brokers as I do not handle health insurance.

I mentioned the Health insurance plan to give you an idea of the types of programs SOCA brings to the table, I believe they have close to 14 different benefits including: BWC coverage, credit card processing, clean energy program, legal shield, HR Business Advisors, 401 K plans, shipping plans, certificate of origin, payroll programs, a student debt to build wealth program and last but not least a program to build empathy in the workplace.

One may think that you listen to employees and treat them well, but the fact is everyone is different. You may have a student right out of college that is money driven or an almost retired employee that simply comes to the office to fill their day. Regardless, part of being a good leader is truly being empathetic to each of your employees. You may wonder why empathy is so important to your business success. It ties in with retention. Most of us spend the majority of our waking hours/days at work. When we fully understand or feel understood that creates a more relaxed productive work environment. That environment is obviously good for business and your employees want to stay around. Empathy is the key to building a strong culture!

You may believe you listen to your employees, but read this article or reach out to SOCA for this science-based learning program.

We can connect you and they will provide training to all of your employees. I promise it will help. Many of us think weā€™re good listeners but empathy goes beyond just listening, it’s action in the workplace.

For all of the Southern Ohio Chamber Alliance programs, check out this website.


CeeCee Collins is President of theĀ Little Miami River Chamber Alliance.

She was born and raised in Beavercreek, Ohio, CeeCee Collins attended Carroll High School and has been a swimmer her entire life. She received her undergraduate degree at Xavier University where she also participated on the swim team for four years. She graduated from college in 1989 and began working at USA Today Newspaper as a Regional Marketing Manager. After marrying James Collins IV, they moved to Tampa, FL where she worked for the Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA for 6 years as an Executive Director.

CeeCee and her family moved back to the tri-state area after her second childā€™s birth. She continued to work for the Greater Cincinnati YMCA for 10 years part-time. CeeCee then pursued full-time work and became the Development Director at Ohio Valley Voices for 6 years. Throughout her years at the YMCA and Ohio Valley Voices she was active in the Little Miami River Chamber Alliance (formerly the Loveland Area Chamber of Commerce). She became the President of the Chamber in 2013.

CeeCee continues to enjoy working at the chamber and keeping up with her three children.Ā  She and Jim live in Miami Township.

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