Benedict Francis Schickel was born the seventh of eleven children on the 24th of August, 1959, and died peacefully on May 15, 2023, from ALS-related complicatons.

There are seven strengths that shone out in Ben’s life…

• In the blood and through his own pursuits, he was an artst. He created and was recognized for many beautful works of art.

• In this same vein, Ben was a faithful patron and promoter of local establishments and family artsts. He partcularly loved being part of the efforts of the William Schickel Gallery, enjoying his Dad’s and others’ artwork displayed and housed there, as well as staffing the Gallery during gatherings and shows. Among his favorite Loveland haunts were Paxton’s Grill, Loveland Sweet Shoppe and Mile 42 Coffee. Nearly everyone in downtown Loveland knew him and many loved him. Ben also worked for McDonald’s Corporaiton, Montgomery Inn, Loveland Bike Rental and, most recently, InReturn.

• This next strength certainly grew over time. Ben was very courageous in suffering. His entre life seemed to have more than its fair share of that.

• None-the-less, or maybe because of it, the Lord enabled him to learn extreme resilience. After many, sometmes daily, episodes that would leave others in despair, he would gather himself, regain his strength, get up, and start moving forward again.

• In a related way, he did valiant battle with his own pride and grew into a pure and simple humility. He consistently and loyally made phone calls to his family and friends, was able to receive help from others, and allowed the Lord to work through him to help others. He nurtured relatonship and brought his own family closer together.

• This was especially evident by the success of his life among his beloved AA community where he found and offered true friendship and touched the lives of many. Real success.

• At the root of it all, and definitely growing through time and adversity, Ben had a deep faith and reliance on God. He was brought up in the Catholic faith. In the later years of his life, he was a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints. He was so grateful to the Mormon Missionaries and congregaton who reached out to him with love and support and taught him many important things. He was fortfied by the final Sacraments of the Roman Catholic Church before his death.

Ben graduated from St. Columban Grade School and Moeller High School, and he studied photography at Antonelli College in Cincinnati.

Ben was preceded in death by his parents, William and Mary Schickel, and his brother-in-law, William Haine. He is survived by: his siblings—Anna Haine, Martha and Dan Dorff, Bill and Candi Schickel, John Schickel, Joe and Susie Schickel, John and Elizabeth Robinson, Martin and Kathy Schickel, Jim and Mary Moorman, Jim and Ruth Tabeling, Steve and Joy France; 34 nephews and nieces; 70 grand nephews and nieces; 1 great grand nephew and a second great grand on the way.

The Visitation and Memorial Service will be held at Tufts Schildmeyer Family Funeral Home

129 N. Riverside Drive in Loveland, Ohio, on Tuesday, May 23 10 a.m. to 12:00pm Noon, where a service will be held at 12:00 pm Noon.

The burial will immediately follow at Gate of Heaven Cemetery, 11000 Montgomery Rd., Montgomery, OH 45249. Those who do not wish to go to the burial are invited to go directly to the reception at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints chapel at 8250 Cornell Rd., Montgomery, OH 45249. Memorial donatons can be made to InReturn at


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