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In addition to Bernie’s live remote, there will be speakers who will discuss their experience in Philadelphia

by Tom Calarco

The movement that Bernie Sanders started is alive and well. Though he is not at this time a candidate for President, he is resolved to continue his political revolution. He will be speaking live via remote on Wednesday, August 24, at 9 pm to talk to his supporters about his plan. And you can see him at the community meeting room in The Trails at Loveland East on Third Street.

Some of you may know or remember me as Loveland’s foremost Berner and perhaps attended our January meeting for Bernie at The Trails. We had a big and enthusiastic turnout and we’re hoping for the same next Wednesday.

Despite my disappointment with the Democratic Party’s choice of Hillary Clinton and Bernie’s endorsement of her, my support for Bernie’s revolution is stronger than ever. My trip to Philadelphia to protest the unfair and fraudulent process which chose Hillary re-energized my faith.

It was a good feeling to be with so many who were as passionate as me about the revolution Bernie has ignited. That is something about being a Berner. It creates an instant connection with other Berners. In the Berniverse all are created equal and all have each other’s respect without reservation or question.

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders

I had protested like this against the war in Vietnam. But this was different; this one was more deeply felt. Perhaps it is representative of a greater force driving this political revolution, something much greater than Bernie, who is merely an instrument, a catalyst to renew the flame for freedom, justice, and equality in America.

This revolution is about getting our government back, getting a government that represents the people and not the wishes of an elite, few rich. It’s about spending our taxes for education and health rather than fighting wars against invisible enemies, enemies made because of our militarism. It’s about creating jobs in America rather than sending them overseas. It’s about legislation and programs that protect the environment and provide less costly healthcare rather than supporting corporate polluters and drug companies only concerned with profits. It’s about ending institutional racism and a criminal justice system that discriminates against [quote_left]This revolution is about getting our government back.[/quote_left]African Americans. It’s about accountability and transparency, and an end to government secrecy and invasion of our privacy.

Tom Calarco in Philly during the Democratic Convention

But this can only happen if people become informed and get involved. Without this, we cannot have a democracy, we cannot have a government that works for us. This is why I hope you will join us Berners, no matter what your political party or political beliefs to hear what Bernie and his Berners will say.

In addition to Bernie’s live remote, there will be speakers who will discuss their experience in Philadelphia at the convention, why they are Berners, why we must not let this revolution die, and what is next for the revolution.

We hope to see you at the Trails, 101 S. Third Street on Wednesday, August 24. Doors will open at 7:30. There will be pizza and drinks. A limited number of parking spaces will be available in the parking lot, but there is ample parking on Loveland Avenue and near the Trails. Call 518-573-7163 for more information.

See Tom Calarco’s article on Medium for a detailed account of his visit to Philadelphia during the Democratic National Convention:


Tom Calarco is a Loveland resident and Co-author of Secret Lives of the Underground Railroad in NY City



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