Loveland, Ohio – During the COVID-19 pandemic, Loveland City School District (LCSD) Board of Education meetings have been live-streamed to provide public viewing. The Board is not meeting in person, instead, they are using the “Zoom” App and putting their meetings on YouTube. At their

last meeting on June 2, a decision was made to leave the videos on-line, instead of deleting them from further public viewing when the meeting is over.

Also, at the meeting, they discussed how the public could again participate in their “Business” meetings and restoring the public participation portion of the meeting that is usually on the agenda.

In a press release issued by the District on June 12, it stated, “The Board is committed to hearing from the public and continues to welcome input through email.”

While meetings are not open for the public to attend, the Board requests that you email your input to the Board of Education at

The Board must have received your email by 4 PM on the date of the meeting if you wish to have it read at the beginning of the meeting, and you must indicate that you wish to have the statement read aloud.


Your statement should not be longer than three minutes, should not reference names of employees or students of the district, and should not include any offensive comments or language.

Statements will be read in the order in which they are received, for a total of no more than 30 minutes. All statements will be available to all Board of Education members and those not fitting within the 30-minute limitation will be noted as having been received. All members of the public submitting statements will have their names recorded in the public participation section of the minutes of the meeting.

The next business meeting of the Board of Education is scheduled for Tuesday, June 23.

A link to the live stream of the meeting, along with the agenda will be published at ahead of the meeting. The agenda has not yet been published.