Loveland, Ohio – Pat Zerbe, the lay leader at Epiphany United Methodist Church just released a statement to Loveland Magazine about the Church’s previous announcement to shut down the intersection of Branch Hill Guinea Pike and Loveland-Miamiville Roads during rush hour Friday for a protest rally.

Pastor Lisa Kerwin, the organizer of the event, and other church members met today with Miami Township Police Chief Mike Mills.

Mills told Loveland Magazine at 2:52 PM today via email:

“We met with Rev. Lisa and others in reference the Peaceful Witness Event. We have gone over several options for the peaceful protest that will afford them their right to assemble and protest, while remaining lawful in the right-of-way and on sidewalks. We, as the police, must accommodate and remain neutral for all protests while enforcing the laws and keeping everyone safe during a lawful and peaceful protest.”

Statement by Pat Zerbe at 7:36 PM

Revised Plans – Peaceful Witness for Justice

Friday’s Peaceful Witness plans to block traffic in the intersection of Branch Hill Guinea Pike & Loveland-Miamiville Rd. have been cancelled. 

Miami Township Police Dept. officials, who have been working to support the church’s efforts, are aware of the changes.

Instead, members of Epiphany United Methodist Church and others will assemble peacefully on public property south of the intersection, then kneel in prayerful witness for 8:46 minutes, respectfully marking the tragic death of George Floyd and the many victims before and after him who have lost their lives to injustice.

Law enforcement, police and peace officers, as well as civic leaders, are invited to attend and/or participate as a show of support.

Both statements are in response to this story published in Loveland Magazine yesterday:

Miami Township group will stop rush hour traffic by kneeling in…