by Cassie Mattia

Loveland, Ohio – It’s time for round 2 of Cassie the Food Guru and this time I’m taking you to a local legacy located right on the Loveland Bike Trail!

Paxton’s Grill, located at 126 W. Loveland Ave. in the heart of Historic Downtown Loveland, is home to one of the oldest buildings in Loveland. In the 1880s what’s now Paxton’s Grill was called “Grear’s Saloon.” Grear’s Saloon was built around the same time the town of “Paxton” became Loveland in 1863 when land speculator, Colonel William Ramsey, established new boundaries naming the town after the popular “James Loveland’s General Store.” James Loveland was also the City of Loveland’s first postmaster.

Years later in 2000, a few Loveland locals decided to purchase the historical building, transform it into a restaurant, and name it after Loveland’s first settler Colonel Thomas Paxton. Paxton’s Grill officially opened its doors in 2001 with one goal in mind; to serve great food in a family-friendly atmosphere at a fair price!

So just who is Colonel Thomas Paxton?

Thomas Paxton was born in Pennsylvania in 1739. During the Revolutionary War Paxton served as Lieutenant Colonel of the Second Battalion of the Bedford Country Militia. Colonel Paxton was so well known for his war efforts that in 1777, he got the opportunity to eat Christmas dinner at Valley Forge with General George Washington, Marquis de Lafayette, and Alexander Hamilton.

Colonel Thomas Paxton made his way to Kentucky in 1790 and shortly after in 1795 was the first to settle and build a log cabin in what we all know now as Loveland. Colonel Paxton was buried on the farm where he built his first log cabin in his family graveyard in 1813. The cemetery is in the White Pillars subdivision in the Clermont County side of town.

With all the history as well as the loyal fan base Paxton’s Grill has built over the past several years and of course the delicious food, it only felt right to visit owner, Ralph Dunnigan, to see just how he has kept his guests coming back time and time again!

Without much further ado, Loveland Magazine TV brings you, Cassie the Food Guru and Paxton’s Grill’s Ralph Dunnigan!

Stay tuned for more local food tours and restaurant reviews with Cassie the Food Guru!

Cassie Mattia, Loveland Magazine’s Associate Editor, Lead Reporter, and Advertising Executive, is dedicated to sharing the absolute best local food culture with the Loveland community and beyond within her new food column, “Cassie the Food Guru!” Cassie has traveled all over the United States just to experience new restaurant concepts and unique local cuisine. If you have a restaurant that you think Cassie the Food Guru should check out email her at! Now Let’s Eat!

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