By: Willie Lutz at Last Word On Sports

Former Loveland Magazine sports writer Willie Lutz is now writing for Last Word On Sports. Here is what he says about a few exciting Cincinnati Bengals draft targets who will play in the National Championship tonight.

In the last college football game of the 2020 season, Ohio-based fans plenty of reasons to watch. Certainly, Alabama and Ohio State are already an exciting pairing of teams in the headline-grabbing game. However, there are a few draft targets for the Cincinnati Bengals in this game, adding an extra level of excitement for those fans.

In the National Championship, There Will Be a Few Exciting Cincinnati Bengals Draft Targets

While the Cincinnati Bengals aren’t in the playoffs, they’re dreaming of a chance to make that splash in 2021. However, a player who could help the team cross that threshold could cap their own playoff run tomorrow. Ohio State and Alabama face off in tomorrow’s College Football Championship with a slew of top NFL prospects. Both have players on their roster that should be draft targets for the Cincinnati Bengals. With Zac Taylor returning in 2021, there are some obvious needs to fit his scheme and regime.

Obviously, the Bengals need to target offensive line help this offseason. It seems like the team’s top priority this spring and summer.

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