Cindy Wilmes is a resident of Loveland

Loveland, Ohio – Our community has a lazy river flowing down its center – the main artery of the “SweetHEART of Ohio”. It is the Little Miami, with State and National “Scenic River” designation.

“Thank you for the opportunity to share some of the beautiful photos I captured of Loveland,” said Cindy Wilmes, a long-time resident of our quaint town. Here’s a little bit about Cindy to help set the tone for her passion for living in the land of love.

“It soothes my soul and feeds my love for adventure.”

Cindy is Loveland native; her parents went to Loveland schools, met in Loveland, and decided to raise a family here. “When I moved out after college, I chose to continue the legacy and buy a house in Loveland – close to my community and a huge fan of this small town, I’m thankful to put roots down in this city,” she said. She tells Loveland Magazine that she is on the Loveland Bike Trail almost every day running or biking. “The bike trail has been an avenue of fresh air, amazing wildlife, and views I can’t ignore. It soothes my soul and feeds my love for adventure.”

About the photographs

I caught this spectacular sunset on the trail while out for a cold evening run. It’s my favorite spot on the bike path, as the river curves around part of the woods before heading downstream. No matter how many times I catch this view, I still stand in awe. 

Cindy said, “Proud to call this town my home, my goal ever since I was little was to grow up and be the Loveland Valentine Lady—and it still is. As a young adult, I want to advocate for my city and love capturing those moments that make this town so unique.”

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LOVELAND: The Land of Love

I love my small town! Some days feel like you may be stuck in a Gilmore Girls episode—the bells chime every hour, people wave as you run by, there are small shops to peruse—not to mention, the beautiful bike trail. Lots of time spent around town taking in the view—love my hometown! 


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