by David Miller

Loveland, Ohio – Kirk McCracken said, “Yours truly” after I asked hime who came up with the idea to create the Navigating The Loveland Bridge FaceBook page. “I came up with the idea a week or so ago when my wife called me telling me someone drove into the bridge right in front of her. Think he was coming from downtown side and she was coming from Eads fence side.” His wife said that it was so funny because the guy was throwing a tantrum in the car after he hit the bridge and got stuck.

Kirk said, “After our conversation I made the Complete Idiots Guide to Navigating the Loveland Bridge graphic and posted it. It got a boatload of likes and shares and I came up with the idea for the page. A way to memorialize all of the ‘I can make it’ drivers.”

Kirk wants readers to visit the Navigating The Loveland Bridge FaceBook page and up-load their own photos.

Loveland Magazine has decided to give Kirk’s Guide a permanent presence on our Front Page as a public service announcement.


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