1. So, if a group of Loveland High School students makes up their minds to walk out of class to protest abortion, will they be given the same even-handed treatment? What about a group that wants to walk out to protest cruel treatment of animals? What about a group that feels bad for how European-Americans treated Native Americans, and as such plans a walkout?

  2. Those calling for “gun control” seem to simply be advocating for a modicum of sanity.
    Like not allowing the access of military grade weapons on the open market.
    Sounds reasonable to me. Hopefully it won’t take another mass killing to convince
    those empowered to make such a change.

    • Military grade weapons are not sold to individuals on the open market (except for some VERY expensive transfers that the ATF must approve). The “evil” AR-15 sold in sporting goods stores is a semi-automatic rifle. The US military uses rifles that are FULLY automatic, but that is not what stores sell to the everyday gun buyer.

      The anti-gun elites are targeting the AR-15 and other “evil black rifles” because they appear the same as military fully automatic rifles, at least to those who don’t know any better. If the anti-gun elites succeeds in manipulating Congress into banning semi-automatic rifle, they will then make further moves to outlaw semi-automatic pistols, traditional revolvers and granddad’s shotgun. The goal is total elimination of all firearms as they move toward their prized ideal of a George Orwell 1984-style dystopia, all the while claiming they are ‘freeing’ the citizenry.

  3. These student protestors are very serious! I doubt they are funded by wealthy coastal elites. They were adamant in California about what they want, and that they want it now:

  4. The anti-gun news media are obviously awash with excitement over the prospect of this spectacle, primarily because of how many advertisements for Tide Pods and Viagra they can sell during the broadcast of the event, but also because it fits their anti-gun, blame-the-NRA narrative.

    A very slick-looking, clearly professional website called #MarchForOurLives cropped up almost immediately after the mass murder at a high school in Parkland, FL. The domain name is listed as private, but the group is actually yet another Michael Bloomberg astroturf group and not a real grassroots affair. The “March for Our Lives” to take place on March 24 is in conjunction with the Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Gun Safety. Billionaire Michael Bloomberg is once again performing as the Great Oz behind the curtain.

    There is no doubt students will participate in the charade. After all, what high school student wouldn’t want a few days off school, or a free trip to the state or national capital? Indeed, the Associated Press is reporting that 400 students will be bussed to Tallahassee next week to demand various gun control measures. There is, of course, no mention of whose busses are being used or who is paying for fuel and drivers.

    These students are being used – used by Michael Bloomberg and used by anti-Second Amendment politicians – to promote a legislative agenda that they know would not have stopped the Parkland, FL school killer, and will not stop the next one. Unfortunately, finding solutions that might actually work isn’t what the wizards behind the curtain are after.

    They don’t care about safety, health, enforcing laws, or anything else of relevance. Remember, the gun control groups driving this recent March for your Lives nonsense are the SAME people who work on every other left wing cause. The same people march. The same people tweet. And the liberal media pushes their liberal message because they think guns are evil. There is no such thing as a gun control constituency. It is all smoke and mirrors, driven top-down by Michael Bloomberg, George Soros and Everytown.

    Those calling for gun control have little interest in taking real steps to promote public safety and well-being. Instead, they use gun control as a political hammer to bash Republicans, bash Conservatives and bash the NRA and organizations like ours. It is a disingenuous tactic to do fundraising, while they are doing nothing at all to address real-world problems.

    • Some brave young social justice warriors will be ‘walking out’ at Loveland High School tomorrow, according to a recently released email from Loveland High School Principal Peggy Johnson:

      March 7, 2018

      LHS Tiger Family:

      We want to make you aware that we have a group of students who are independently organizing a walkout on Wednesday, March 14, in conjunction with a National School Walkout, as a way of honoring the 17 students and staff members killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, on Valentine’s Day. Loveland High School (LHS) has been working with these students directly to ensure they have an opportunity to share their voice while our teachers and administrators maintain order and safety.

      Please note the following regarding this student-planned event:

      •We do not want any students to feel obligated to participate with the students walking out. This is a personal decision some students are making for themselves.

      •Teachers will remain in classrooms teaching and will not participate in this event as they are working.

      •We will have adults who are not teaching at that time – including the administration and counselors – around students outside at all times to ensure safety.

      •Law enforcement will be visible and as many officers as available will be present in addition to our district resource officers for the safety of our students.

      •The consequence for a student who walks out of class in a calm and appropriate manner on any given day is a warning; if other misbehavior occurs while leaving the classroom, exiting building or on the campus, consequences will be given to those students according to the student code of conduct.

      •If students do not return to class or leave campus, consequences will be given according to the student code of conduct.

      • We ask that parents have a conversation with their student prior to the event and make clear the expectations for student behavior.

      Our No. 1 priority is to keep your students safe. We appreciate your support.

      Peggy M. Johnson
      Loveland High School

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