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Defunding President Obama’s Executive Actions

Defunding President Obama’s Executive Actions


“Simply put: securing the border and stopping executive amnesty is a national security priority. We must stop the President’s damaging actions right now, before they take further root and magnify the growing constitutional crisis that we are facing.”

The House passed vital funding legislation for the Department of Homeland Security today, including a number of important provisions that block President Obama’s continued unconstitutional actions.

  • This legislation is specifically targeted to defund the president’s unconstitutional, executive actions on immigration in their entirety by eliminating all funds — anywhere in the budget — for implementation of the President’s unauthorized actions.
  • This includes executive orders, memos, prosecutorial discretion, and future actions the President may take while ignoring Congress.
  • Additionally, it ensures no federal benefits to those covered by the President’s executive amnesty and makes clear that the use of funds is legal immigration and border enforcement.

 This is the action our nation needs: it’s what the American people want.


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