SuperintendentChadHillikerBy Chad Hilliker,

Loveland City School District superintendent

I simply couldn’t stop smiling.

From the entry of Loveland High School’s Auditorium that was decorated with student art to the delicate sounds of Loveland Elementary School’s Mallet Madness starting the show, from our students – all ages – describing their Loveland experience to standing beside our State Finalist LHS Lady Tigers Soccer Team on stage, then finally taking my own seat to watch a performance by the Loveland Show Choirs worthy of Broadway – I continue to beam. As the instructional leader of this great district, I’m just so proud of all of our students who continue to awe and amaze, and I thank each of those students and the professionals who work with them for making our annual State of Schools Presentation so special.

[quote_right]Excited yet?[/quote_right]The January 21 event was truly an evening to remember. Student-centered, it was an invigorating look at why our families – including my own – have made the decision to raise their children here. Loveland is a destination district – and I am ready to work tirelessly with you to ensure it remains that way. During the formal presentation I laid out a plan I’m calling Destination Loveland. In the immediate future it will focus on three key initiatives: a comprehensive early childhood experience to include deeper investment in our preschool program and the potential for all-day kindergarten, an athletic facilities master plan, and expansion of our Tiger One-to-World device lease-to-own program to include grades seven through 12 for the upcoming school year. That’s correct – our students at Loveland Middle School and Loveland High School will each have access to a device to enhance their educational experience.

Excited yet?

[quote_left]That is something that I hope brings a smile to you.[/quote_left]I hope so, and soon I will be reaching out to capture your feedback. We intend to conduct an expansive 18-month community engagement process as we work to further develop plans on how to keep Loveland a destination school district. I also plan to re-establish the Business Advisory Council, and form a Student Advisory Council and Parent and Staff Advisory Council. Our goal is to understand the investments we need to make today to ensure the future of our district tomorrow.

That is something that I hope brings a smile to you.

It is an exciting time to be a Tiger. We will be communicating a timeline for the community engagement in the upcoming weeks. As always, please feel free to contact me directly with any specific questions.

Dedicated to the future of our children,
Chad Hilliker

Loveland City School District


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