David Miller is the Editor and Publisher of Loveland Magazine

In the photo above are Jensine, Joe, and June Mackzum who attended the prayer walk on Tuesday.

by David Miller

Loveland, Ohio – The Unity Prayer Walk through Loveland Neighborhoods has grown by 200%. What started as one man walking alone on a soul-searching quest to turn around and re-direct his anger over the death of George Floyd, his walk grew to around 200 people Tuesday night when about 170 more Loveland citizens joined him.

Read this story and watch the video interview with Desmon Gault and his wife Brittany that LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV produced the night before Tuesday’s walk grew to around 200 people. [Video Interview] A Unity Prayer Walk through Loveland Neighborhoods

After Tuesday’s walk from the corner of West Loveland and Lebanon Road to Loveland High School, Desmond Gault described the feeling as, “The POWER of unity! Prayer Walk for UNITY, LOVE, JUSTICE, STRENGTH, PEACE, and HEALING” on his personal FaceBook page.

Photo provided by Desmon Gault

He told Loveland Magazine later in the evening, “Yes sir, It was truly amazing.”

Concerned over the death of George Floyd and wanting to be a symbol of healing and prayer-filled hope to the Loveland community, Gault has been organizing evening prayer walks since last Saturday.

Floyd died in police custody on May 25 in the Powderhorn community of Minneapolis, Minnesota. While Floyd was handcuffed and lying face down on a city street during an arrest, Derek Chauvin, a white American Minneapolis police officer, kept his knee on the right side of Floyd’s neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds; according to the criminal complaint against Chauvin, 2 minutes and 53 seconds of that time occurred after Floyd became unresponsive.

Last night hey walked down West Loveland Avenue, turned onto Rich Road towards the High School. Then stopped at the High School and prayed as a group for the school – with their arms stretched towards the school.

“It was truly an amazing sight to see people from all different backgrounds, cultures and walks of life stepping out on faith for the cause of unity. My heart was overjoyed by the response of the people,” Gault told Loveland Magazine after he got home.

Jensine, Joe, and June Mackzum attended the prayer walk on Tuesday(Provided photo by Jensine Mackzum)

Gault said he had no expectation of the number of people that would show up Tuesday but he had every bit of expectation for the unity of prayer. “Hats off to everyone who attended and showed their support,” he said,

Gault, a deeply religious man was in constant prayer since the news of Floyd’s death. He added Tuesday night, speaking about his fellow walkers, “I pray that Christ Jesus enriches their lives with prosperity, unity, love, and hope. All Glory goes to our Lord Jesus Christ. I am proud of my Loveland Community tonight.”

Jensine Mackzum told Loveland Magazine that she, her husband Joe, and their daughter June attended the peace walk. She said, “Many people we walked past along the street waved and said, “Hello”. “Lots of cars passed honking and waving too.”

Mackzum sent these photos of Tuesday’s:

Jensine Mackzum said that when her daughter (in pink shirt) met the other little girl in the photo she said “aw cute” and gave her a high five. (Provided photo by Jensine Mackzum)
(Provided photo by Jensine Mackzum)
(Provided photo by Jensine Mackzum)
(Provided photo by Jensine Mackzum)

The “Day 5 Prayer Walk” begins Wednesday at 5:45 PM. They meet in the parking lot of the Prince of Peace Church at the corner of Lebanon Road and West Loveland Avenue.