Loveland, Ohio – Loveland officials have announced the continuation of their natural gas aggregation program for another two years with IGS Energy as the City’s selected supplier.

Loveland City Manager Dave Kennedy

Residents and businesses currently participating in the City’s natural gas program will remain in the program unless they respond to the opt-out letter which they should receive on or about January 26.

Newly eligible account holders who receive their gas supply from Duke Energy will also receive a notice from IGS Energy explain the rate formula, terms and conditions, and various means of opting out of the City’s aggregation program. City Hall advises to read the information carefully before making your decision. These accounts will be added to the program unless they opt out as prescribed in the letter.

David Kennedy, City Manager, said, “We have decided to continue with rates that will be set each month, a strategy that has worked well in the previous program. We have structured our program to allow us to convert to fixed-rates if and when we think that is in the best interest of Loveland residents.” Kennedy also pointed out, “This program makes no guarantee of savings and it is completely voluntary.”

Loveland Mayor Kathy Bailey

Mayor Kathy Bailey said, “we are pleased to offer this program to our residents as another option to manage increasing energy costs. The City was able to negotiate a great feature for our residents and small businesses. Participants will be able to leave the program, at any time for any reason free of charge.”

Mark Burns, President of Independent Energy Consultants, Inc., said, “we are pleased to have designed this program for Loveland and have negotiated a favorable formula for determining future gas rates. Residents should expect to receive a notice from IGS Energy explaining the rate formula, terms and conditions, and various means of opting out of the City’s aggregation program. Please read it carefully before making your decision.”

Doug Austin, Executive Vice President of IGS Energy, said, “Any resident or small business that is currently served by another supplier should also receive a letter inviting them to receive the same rate, but anyone may call IGS Energy at 1-877-353-0162. If residents are served by another supplier, they should be aware of the obligations in their existing contract before joining the program as many suppliers do charge a penalty for early termination.”

The City asks that you do not call the City offices because they are not equipped to handle a large volume of calls. Residents should directly contact IGS Energy toll free at 1-877-353-0162 if they have questions.

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  1. I think i understood the flyer, but the most pertinent part about rates was not helpful. It gives us no way of knowing
    what rates might run. How much of a discount does city get over an individual? I get it that rates aren’t fixed, so they’ll vary, but how is a resident to figure out whether they should stick with their current service or go with city IGS?

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