Loveland, Ohio – The City of Loveland’s Charter Review Commission is holding a public hearing to present their proposed revisions to the Charter of the City.

The “Charter” can be thought of as Loveland’s constitution and is the very base foundation of how our City government operates. It provides for duties, obligations, and responsibilities of various appointed and elected positions such as City Manager, Council-members, and Finance Director. The Charter also outlines how elections are conducted and zoning decisions are decided. It provides for the separation of powers for office holders and appointed officials and debt obligations.

The public hearing will be on Wednesday, May 22 at 7 PM in the Council Chambers at Loveland City Hall, 120 West Loveland Avenue.


The ballot question will be an all or nothing, “YES” or “NO” vote, so any suggestions about the individual proposed changes that you like or dislike should be expressed before the Charter Review Commission makes its recommendation to City Council who will likely forward the proposal to the local Boards of Election as a ballot question this Fall.

Clicking the link below you will see a “red-lined” version of the proposal that will likely be put before the voters at the General Election this November. The “red-lined” version will let you see the Charter as it is today vs. the proposed changes.

The proposed revisions are available by Clicking Here. To request a hardcopy of the proposed revisions you can contact the City Manager at 513-707-1454 or via email at

For those who want to submit comments but cannot attend the meeting, you can direct comments via email to either Councilman Ted Phelps or City Manager Dave Kennedy.


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