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Dysons propose alternate to spending $1.6 M on new 12′ bike road

This is a reprint of an Email the Dyson’s sent to City Manager Dave Kennedy and Loveland Magazine after they read our Editorial: No public input sought on new one-lane asphalt road that will cozy within feet of the front doors of homes and businesses in the W. Loveland Historic District and L. Madeira Rd. The Dyson’s own a home and business on West Loveland Avenue.

by Deirdre and Richard Dyson,

The concept of taking a 12ft swath off of North side of West Loveland Avenue is totally appalling and preposterous! As long-time residents of Loveland we have touted for years the following “solution” to the traffic flow and cyclist problems on West Loveland Avenue, but never had any feedback.

In desperation again, please consider the following:

West Loveland Avenue, between Loveland Madeira Road and the bridge over the Little Miami is currently 4-lanes wide. It could easily be three lanes wide with the center lane being used for a much needed left turn lane at Riverside Drive and also at Wall Street. That would open up the width of an entire lane for bicycles. All that would be needed then is re-striping: with a half lane on the curbside (in each direction ) which would serve as the dedicated bike lanes on the north and south sides of West Loveland Avenue and continuing over the bridge.

Benefits: NO CONSTRUCTION required. NO claiming of property from owners. Confusing and Often dangerous last-minute lane changes, particularly at Wall Street, would be eliminated. Traffic on West Loveland Avenue would calm down (Drivers really hit the gas pedal pulling away from the bridge and West Loveland Avenue intersection.) Pedestrians would be further away from traffic. Congestion at the West Loveland Avenue and Riverside Drive intersection would be relieved.

For the Loveland Madeira Road section, a similar approach could be adopted. We suggest an analytic viewing of and study of traffic patterns developed on Montgomery Road, South of Bethesda North Hospital. It could apply in a similar manner all down Loveland Madeira Road, and EVEN accommodate a pretty landscaped center strip between left turn areas.!! Think how THAT would upgrade L/M Rd!!

Note: As drivers, we are always surprised how well the Montgomery traffic plan works, ie: that one lane with turn signals flows better than two. Please give these ideas serious consideration. They are offered up with genuine concern for the betterment of the city.

         Sincerely Deirdre and Richard Dyson

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