***FEES***Electronics Drop off

911 Evans St, Cincinnati, OH 45204-2017
This is the last electronics event until March! (We always accept items during normal business hours.)
CASH ONLY. FEES are required for all electronic items, batteries, and bulbs — they pay for the responsible disposal of the hazardous waste components of these items and help cover a small amount of the Hub’s operating costs.
If you have one of the following fee items, any other misc. electronics will be free with your drop off.
– $25 for each small tv/monitor
– $35 for each large tv/monitor
– $15 each for small appliances with refrigerants
– $25 each for large appliances with refrigerants
– $10 a carload of misc. electronics.
Batteries and lightbulbs are charged per lb depending on type. Please see document for specific pricing.…/CRRH+price+list+2021
Tickets are not required.
No other items will be accepted on recycling days except fee based items.
Subject to cancellation due to severe weather.
We cannot take glucose meters or anything that is considered a biological hazard.
Please see our website, email [email protected], or call 513-538-3798 for more details or if you have questions.
COVID protocols will be in place; all individuals dropping items off must remain in their vehicles and wear face masks when interacting with Hub volunteers.
All hard drives and data cards for phones will be shredded by a certified recycler (RecycleForce) to address privacy concerns.

54 TONS recycled in just 5 months!

The Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Hub (CRRH) opened our doors in April and you have really responded. Through the end of August, they have recycled or sent for reuse over 54 TONS of material that includes:

  • 2 tons of styrofoam
  • Almost 42 tons of electronics
  • 1/2 ton of plastics
  • 1/4 ton of Terracycle items
  • Almost 9 tons of items for reuse

They collected so much that they even had to temporarily stop taking plastics until it could get packed and shipped out for recycling.

View the quick guide of items they accept. Feel free to print and post as a reference in your home, office, or classroom.

The Cincinnati Recycling & Reuse Hub (CRRH) is the only organization in the region providing one-stop recycling and reuse services for materials not accepted in conventional recycling bins. At the Hub, many difficult-to-recycle items can be diverted from the landfill. Their mission is to revolutionize how people think about “things” and to provide a place where almost anything can be recycled or reused. They provide a “one-stop” drop location for people to bring all of these recyclable items, as well as many items that can be reused, so that the items can be distributed to local non-profits, schools, artists or taken to certified recyclers.

Although they do not charge a fee to take most items, the reality is, recycling costs money. The material must be managed, hauled, and processed before it can be used in new products. By donating to the Hub you are supporting an action-oriented organization that makes a clear and measurable positive impact on the environment. Every dollar donated is crucial to ensuring our rent is paid and recycling gets shipped.

Please consider donating to their Annual Fund, starting now and going through the end of October, where your generous donation makes a major impact on the reduction of waste in our area. As little as $4 will pay for a box to collect crayons, eyeglasses, corks, etc at an off-site collection location. $230 will pay the shipping costs for up to 6 pallets of batteries and lightbulbs. And if you are feeling generous, $3,335 will pay for their rent for a month.

The hope is to continue to grow and expand collections next year and they can only do that with your help!

Donate to the Annual Fund!

Want to Volunteer?

CRRH relies heavily on volunteers to make them successful and meet recycling goals. By volunteering, people can give something of themselves and make a valuable contribution to the community while learning how to make better choices in their own lives to help the environment. To sign up for a volunteer shift during the operating hours (Thurs – Sat) please click here. They always need help!