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Two Podcasts by Loveland Author and Counselor, Fran Hendrick, PCC

Empowering Your Daughter to Make New Friends

Crisis Alert! It’s pretty scary for girls to find out that their BFF isn’t in their class this year. Handling that crisis is the topic of the second of four Back to School posts. If that’s what’s happening in your house right now, this post is for you.

This Back-to-School topic is empowering girls to develop new friendships. I’ll be showing you things you can do to help your daughter gain confidence as she starts school.


Separation anxiety really hurts – Moms can help

Starting school can be hard on kids — and moms, too. This post is for you if your child is struggling with separation anxiety. Make sure to download the free planning tool!

Separation Anxiety

2 Girls, 2 Stories, 2 Plans

Sending your little girl off for the first day of preschool or kindergarten is not for the meek at heart! You’re not alone if you’ve been thinking about it for weeks and worrying about it when you’re meant to be sleeping. Even if your little one is feeling excited and confident, there’s still the issue of how you’re feeling!

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