Thursday October 6th – 8 PM

Friday October 7th – 8 PM



The 2016 Presidential Election is upon us, and most of you are looking at the candidates and asking, “What the *;&#%?”

Well, help is on the way. America’s favorite political satirist, Michael Moore, takes his comedy deep into the heartland with an hour-long 2016 Election Special to bridge the current Great American Divide through humor and a few gentle facts.

A live audience of 500 Americans will delight as they learn that Mike has come to “Make America Great Again… and Again… and Again!” He assures the audience that “we all have more in common than not” and that together we can find a way through this crazy election.

In this one-man show, Moore will reveal how he first met both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. The audience will be treated to his unique take on each candidate and how he thinks the whole thing is going to turn out.

Moore puts the 2016 race for President, and what’s at stake, into clear perspective with his stories and commentary. Whoever you’re planning on voting for, this special promises to be the not-to-be-missed comedy event of the election season.

  • You must be 16 YEARS OR OLDER to attend the shows.
  • You must live in the Ohio or be in Ohio during the filming week to be eligible for tickets.
  • For all shows you must arrive at least 40 MINUTES in advance.
  • This information is NOT shared, sold or used for any purposes other than to accommodate your ticket requests.


Filming @ The Murphy Theater
50 W Main Street, Wilmington, OH – MAP

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