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From 16-year-old ride operator to GM: Meet Tony Carovillano from Loveland, Ohio

Loveland, Ohio – Tony Carovillano graduated from Loveland High School in 1987.

Mother-in-law Lynne McManus Lee told Loveland Magazine this morning, “Our family is so proud of him. He’s one of the best!”


As the vice president and general manager of Worlds of Fun, Tony Carovillano is responsible for leading the operation of the park’s 235 acres and all of its rides and slides. His day typically starts at the front gate where he welcomes ambassadors and guests. From there, he bounces around attending meetings, checking on projects, leading his directors and planning for upcoming events. The day usually stretches past 8 hours, and the workweek almost always stretches beyond five days, but just as Tony did when he started – he relies on the energy of the park to keep him going.

For the past 35 years, amusement parks have been Tony’s life. He fell in love with the industry soon after he started as a train conductor at Kings Island in Mason, Ohio outside of Cincinnati. He was 16, and he’s been along for the ride ever since that whistle blew.

Working on the Railroad at Kings Island

After turning 16, it was time for Tony to get a job. To his delight, he was hired to work in rides at Kings Island after his sister, who was a supervisor at the log flume, put in a good word for him. Decked out in his train conductor uniform, Tony went to work on the K.I. & Miami Valley Railroad.

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