Loveland, Ohio – This LOVELAND MAGAZINE TV video is the May 12 Loveland Board of Education meeting. The District broadcast it to the public using Zoom and put it on their YouTube channel.

Near the end of the meeting, while the Board was in executive session, the District had difficulty with their feed to YouTube and the video abruptly ended and was immediately deleted.

Board members and administrators had to receive a new link to Zoom when they returned from the executive session and sign in again before the meeting could resume.

The feed was finally corrected, but again when the meeting was adjourned the video presented by the District was deleted. This follows Board policy.

Loveland Magazine broadcast the entire meeting “live” on FaceBook and was able to capture the complete meeting from the beginning until the end when two new members were selected to fill the vacant seats left when Art Jarvis and Ned Portune resigned in the wake of a second levy defeat.

Kevin Dougherty and Eric Schwetschenau are the new Board of Education Members and will take their oath of office on May 28.

The Board also voted on reductions of staff, the elimination of high school transportation for students attending the district’s schools and community or other non-public schools, accepted the retirement of Assistant Superintendent of Human Resources Robin Wiley, and the resignation of Chief Information Officer Susanne Quigley – both effective in July.