The residents: Janet Martin, Alexa, Amelie and Nathaniel Pillai, the Bryant Family, the O’Brian/Distler Family  and the Wesner Family, were awarded with a certificate and a prizes from area businesses.


by Amy Van Strien

Loveland Sustainability Council is excited to announce that houses on 10103-10179 Plantation Pointe Drive in Symmes have been selected as the Green Street of the Month for September. 100% of the neighbors on this street recycle, some neighbors compost and have gardens.

In addition to these green practices, a couple of the residents volunteer for The Healing Center. This organization recycles EVERY bike donated – no matter how old, rusty or dented. They take the bikes fix them up, and give them for free to people who need them for transportation or for their children. Even if the bike is determined to be no longer ride-able they disassemble the bike, re-using any usable parts. Any remaining metals are sold to a metal recycler for funds to buy additional parts for fixing bikes. They always need bikes to fix and give. If anyone has a bike they would like to donate to this recycling cause – feel free to drop it off at 10156 Plantation Pointe Dr. – (you can leave it on the driveway with a note if we’re not home).

Loveland Sustainability Council  is comprised of members of the community, school, business district and city hall with a shared vision to is encourage recycling, reduce waste, and promote sustainability for the future of Loveland. One of the ways that they promoting recycling is through a campaign called “Sustainable Street of the Month”.





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