by Sam Smith

At Ethel M. Taylor Academy, a pre-kindergarten through sixth grade Cincinnati Public School located in Millvale, 15-20% of students are homeless and 100% receive free or reduced-price school lunches. The poverty level is so high that the school does not even need to file paperwork for students to receive free lunches. Ethel M. Taylor Academy is part of the Cincinnati Public School system and is located just thirty minutes from Loveland, where only 14% of students are on a free or reduced-price lunch program. Loveland High School staff and students are working to help their neighbors in Millvale and they need the help of the Loveland community.

Each classroom at LHS has been asked to collect snack items for the classrooms in Millvale
Tuesday, Feb 13th through Tuesday, Feb 27th. In addition, community members can drop off any donations to the high school at the attendance office entrance in the back of the building.

Items to donate: 
           Nutrigrain Bars
           Any type of snack bars
           Boxes of Graham Crackers
           Snack fruit/applesauce cups
           Snack chip bags
           Snack mac and cheese (heats in microwave)
           Bags of animal crackers
           Basically, anything a teacher can have on hand to give hungry students.
In addition, freshman twins Hannah and Alex Laman will be collecting for their non-profit, Adopt-A-Book. The two will be collecting books to donate to Ethel M. Taylor and NEST, a Loveland organization dedicated to fighting child poverty.

Along with food and books, Loveland High School will also be donating $1000 to The Soaring Hawks Foundation, a charity designed to help the Ethel M. Taylor Academy. Loveland received $2000 to donate through a 501(C)3 educational organization called Magnified Giving. The other $1000 will be donated to NEST.

Magnified Giving allows students from various schools to become stewards of local philanthropist Roger Grein’s money, donating it to charities of their choice. Magnified Giving encourages students to volunteer, contact, and interact with agencies and charities. Loveland High School has granted money to Bethany House, Life Food Pantry, Adore-A-Bull, NEST, and Childhood Food Solutions in the past.

A Creative Living class in Loveland High School poses with Roger Grein
A group of Loveland students pose with a check for L.I.F.E. Food Pantry from Magnified Giving

Loveland students will deliver the food and help with their after-school program. If timing allows, Loveland High School plans to send student-athletes to the Community Rec Center where most of the Ethel Taylor students attend.

In addition to donating food and books, individuals can make a 501(C)3 tax-deductible donation to The Soaring Hawks Foundation here.

For any questions about the drive or donating food, please contact Beth Wexler at [email protected].

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