Here is how the Great Oaks campuses will open in the Fall.

Please note:  The following information applies only to high school students at Great Oaks campuses.

Our community, and the world, continues to adapt to the ongoing pandemic. In all that we do at Great Oaks, the safety and health of our students, staff and visitors is our highest priority. Whenever students, staff and visitors are together in a Great Oaks building, we expect that social distancing (at a minimum of 6 feet) is practiced, face coverings will be worn by all, and the buildings and equipment will be frequently cleaned and sanitized. We also encourage such healthy personal habits as regular hand-washing. 

The following information reflects the most recent planning; information can change if circumstances change.

Update July 20, 2020

Academic classes will be held online

In order to maximize the amount of hands-on, career-technical education available to students, all in-person classes will be in the career lab with the career-technical instructor.  English, mathematics, social studies, and science classes will be held remotely.  Students will spend all day two days per week in their career-technical program.

As part of this schedule, students will have time to meet individually with academic instructors while on campus, which will support their online learning.  It also means that the same group of students will stay in the same room—their career lab—for the full day, reducing the number of times per day needed to sanitize rooms as we would if students changed classes for multiple periods daily.

Students will attend the campus on Mondays and Thursdays as part of the A group, or Tuesdays and Fridays as part of the B group.  During the remaining three days, students will work remotely on academic work and other homework, with Wednesday set aside for one-on-one remote assistance.

This schedule will run for the first quarter, until October 16.