Our kind and attentive reader Tori Morrison alerted us that we left out the last 2 pages of awards when this story was first published. Thank you so much Tori! We apologize to those students that received scholarships and were not acknowledged.

Top 10 Academic Seniors in Accending Order

Photos by Loveland Magazine

Kiley Dunlap

Will Gerstemeier

Allyson Colegate

Gabriel Ali Ahmad Fathi

Brodie Merz

Elena Hentz

Sage Bushstone

Evan Osgood

Recognizing Academic Excellence

Loveland, Ohio – Each May Loveland High School sets aside an evening of pageantry to honor its current graduating class. A near-capacity crowd of graduating students, teachers, staff, parents, siblings, and grandparents gathered Tuesday, May 2nd to honor the Top Ten academic students. Other Seniors were called to center stage to receive awards and scholarships. Most of the scholarships announced were presented by Loveland civic organizations that have spent the last year raising money. Many of the scholarships are awarded by a regional organization; all, recognizing academic excellence, and community and school involvement.

The 2023 Commencement Exercise will be in the Cintas Center of Xavier University on May 20th.

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