by Kim Lukens


My name is Kim Lukens. My home is located in the Brandywine Subdivision which is on the east side of Loveland. I need to access 275 West for my lifestyle probably 70% of the time. I have to drive by what some call Historic downtown Loveland, to Loveland Madeira Rd. over to 275 West to live out my lifestyle. This transit can take me 20 to 40 minutes because of congestion. I have been a resident of Loveland City for just over a year. My name is on the Nov 2nd, 2021 ballot for you to choose as one of Loveland’s City Council Representatives.

I have seen the current City Council which includes the Mayor and City Manager influence Loveland City’s identity and quality of life. Loveland city has been altered through zoning, voting, and saying YES to developers that want to build homes instead of supporting the development of a park. Saying YES to 25 multifamily townhomes on a dense amount of land, the annexation of 95 acres owned by a single owner for a development that would build 200 to 250 homes. The historic blueprint of downtown Loveland has changed. There is an increase in the number of restaurants. The product of alcohol seems to be heightened to the public such as advertised ‘’HAPPY HOUR”, emphasis on BAR food, DORA, musical bands inside some of the newer owned restaurants, the new Civic Center, over 70% of the CITY EVENTS involve accessibility or linkage to alcohol. I see this direction as not sustainable and having a negative impact on the Quality of Life.

What has happened to the value of the State-funded Historic Bike Trail that rolls for 100’s of miles from Southwest to Northern Ohio? The value of the Little Miami River which is a natural tributary and Lake Isabella. Where have the mature trees and woods disappeared too?

How important are historic preservations of buildings to you?
The Joy of making a homemade picnic lunch, the Joy of reading a book, playing a game of cards, playing chess, or reading the newspaper at Nisbet Park.

Do we need curbside service or valet parking when we enjoy downtown Loveland?

Can we create a one-of-a-kind Walking City and work with the space we have for parking without building a garage? Can we walk one, two, or three blocks to work in and enjoy Downtown Loveland? Can we provide closer parking spaces for those who need wheelchairs, walkers, canes, or who have some sort of handicap?

I believe that the United Nations Sustainable model of how to achieve a High Quality of Life can work. Loveland City is currently not in a Sustainable Zone.

I hope that we can preserve our past, embrace our present and prepare for our Future.

I believe that we have to look at new models of Urban Planning. We need to embrace Colleges that are on the cutting edge of Sustainability, Security, and Resilience. Our world has been altered due to COVID, technical advances, our current situation with natural resources,
immigration and other concerns and fears.


Kim Lukens is a candidate for election to the Loveland City Council and lives in the Brandywine Subdivision.