by Lynn Van,

It was quarter to ten tonite, when what did I hear……..a train whistle in Loveland! I think it was ridiculous to silence the train whistles because they are for the safety of all going through Loveland. I moved here to be near the train as it went through the little city, I now call home.

I hope the new council will turn things around.

Several years ago I attended a meeting about silencing the whistles. The council had a truck brought in with some whistles for the people to hear. Nothing more was done until the train crossings silenced the whistles altogether. Now everyone you ask blames it on the former council!

I don’t know the laws about train crossings but wait until something happens and who will take the blame? I hope the new council will turn things around and bring the whistles back!

A very concerned citizen.



  1. I agree. I grew up listening for train whistles because that meant my Dad was almost home. He worked on the RR.

  2. How about posting a bagpiper at the primary intersection, to play a tune when the train rolls through? Bagpipers and trains are a popular combination, and this might bring more visitors to downtown. Just look at the fun we could be having:

  3. As a Loveland Station resident for 2 years, I am very grateful that the train horns were silenced. The lights and gates still safely activate, and bells also sound at the traffic site.
    As the trains come through between 1:30 a.m. and 3:30 a.m. every night, the ‘quiet zone’ ordinance allows the many residents here to sleep through the night. Those of you who are opposed to that ordinance, are more than likely peacefully sleeping too.
    We appreciate the historic value of the Loveland train, and enjoy them traveling through during daylight hours and have no objection to the horns sounding daily. But when we signed our lease(s), we were promised by CMC properties that the train horn would be silenced as a condition of said lease(s). That is not unreasonable or contrary to historic city values. Just as you sleep peacefully in your quiet surroundings all thru the night, we expect to do the same.

    • I think your lessor was a bit hasty in his promises. Train whistles add to the ambiance of a community. Loveland was a major stop on several RRs in the past and the city whistles are not bad at all once you get used to them.

      • Again, I just don’t see where the trains whistles between 1:00 a.m. and 6:00 a.m. add to the historic ambience of this city. The majority of Loveland’s residents are fast asleep during those hours. Those of us who reside close to the tracks only ask to be allowed the same. Our issue is not with the trains whistles during the daytime hours, as we actually enjoy and appreciate them just as seasoned residents do.

  4. I have lived here all my life! Without the train whistles, nostalgia has faded. People that choose to live by a railroad track are well aware of the added whistles and sounds from the track as a train makes its way through town. They can choose not to live along a railroad. The train and whistles are a part of history. This is Historical Loveland!

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