by Cassie Matttia

Loveland, Ohio – Anderson High School has a new mascot…a Raptor!

The new Anderson mascot was officially announced through a video on Facebook posted by the Forest Hills School District. Check out the video below!

Last July, the Forest Hills Board of Education held a vote to approve the retirement of the Anderson High School Redskins logo. The vote was in favor of changing the Redskin mascot, 4-1. The decision came to be made after years of discussion from the community about inclusivity and diversity across the Forest Hills District. The Anderson Redskin logo has been used for more than 8 decades so the District plans to phase out the Redskin mascot in stages.

In August of 2020, the AHS Brand & Logo Steering Committee was created, consisting of 30 individuals who represent current students, staff, alumni, parents, and community members. The committee’s main focus was to consider the re-branding of the school mascot. According to the Forest Hill School District, 1,600 people joined the committee and ultimately decided “that it was time to turn the page on being the ‘Redskins.”

This mascot of Anderson High School will be replaced this Fall

So just how did the community and the Forest Hills School District decide on the Raptor to replace the Redskin? The District said that the new mascot name received by far the most votes from current and future students as well as staff.

“The Raptor is fast, intelligent, cunning, dangerous, social, cooperative, sleek, muscular, flexible, balanced, quick, and agile! Raptors coming this Fall,” the Forest Hills School District said on their Facebook page. The Raptor was the second most popular mascot option among Anderson alumni.

New branding for the Anderson Raptors

The Loveland Tigers, Anderson Raptors, Turpin Spartans, the Winton Woods Warriors, the Kings Knights, the Milford Eagles, the Lebanon Warriors, the West Clermont Wolves, the Little Miami Panthers, and the Walnut Hills Eagles are all members of the Eastern Cincinnati Conference.

New branding for the Anderson Raptors

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  1. Hello! I am an 8th grade student at a school that feeds Turpin HS and Anderson HS. The general consensus there is that the Raptor wasn’t done terribly well. Of course, I mean no offense to those who designed and approved it, this is just the general consensus of Nagel.

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