A Note to the LHS Cheer Team, the Band and, David Miller, Owner of Loveland Magazine from a St. Paul, Minnesota hospital

WOW!   What can we say, but thank you for that minute of needed cheer! We’ll be honest, we were so choked up and we couldn’t hold back the tears. I ran to the bathroom because I didn’t want the nurses at the hospital to see me crying.
cam-louderThank you Tess Locasta and the cheer team for thinking of Cam and for always cheering for our teams. I’m always behind you girls (especially because I’m a former cheerleader too)! Thank you Band as well, and band director Geoff Miller, for playing, Eye of the Tiger for Cam.
We also want to thank the fans, many who we recognize and are friends with Cam. We hope that everyone continues staying behind Cam and encourages him with their friendship over the next few years as rehab will be very difficult. We are all determined to get Cam back up on his feet. He has quite a big journey ahead and your friendship means everything to him and to us.
Here in Loveland, we never feel friendless….just blessed because of this amazing community of friends who genuinely love Cam. Can any of us be luckier?  I think we live in the best community ever! 
A special thanks to Tess Locasta for coordinating the “Cam Louder” cheer song. I’ll never forget it Tess! Hey, why not keep it going? It’s going to be a long haul and I think Cam may need the encouragement! He will return to school around February 1, 2017. Let’s see how many students can chant that cheer! (See the cheer in the video below)
David Miller, I will never doubt your genuine friendship and love for others. You are an amazing man who I respect greatly. I know this only to be true because of our friendship first, but then to see what Loveland Magazine organized for Cam. You care… and it means a great deal to all of us in the Loveland community.  We appreciate everything you do.  
With love and great respect for all,
Karen & Jim Louder

Get well and hurry home Cam Louder

At halftime, Loveland honored fellow student Cam Louder who has recently undergone an arduous, 5-hour surgery in a St. Paul, Minnesota hospital. Cam, the enthusiastic Tiger fan, would normally be at the home opener, however since he couldn’t be, the Tiger cheerleaders led fans in chants of, “When I say Cam, you say Louder. We say get, you say better.” Cam will stay in Minnesota for at least three more weeks. The band also played Eye of the Tiger as a get well message for Cam. Cheerleader, Tess Locasto and Loveland Magazine organized the get well message.

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