by Cassie Mattia

Loveland, Ohio – Schools out, non-essential businesses are closed, parks are shut down and all sporting events are canceled, so just what are Loveland High School’s athletes doing to stay in tip-top shape in preparation for their potential sports seasons?

We understand that there are many people out there wanting some insight on how to stay in shape during this time so we asked the LHS coaches and athletes to share with us and the community of Loveland what workouts they are doing and where they are doing them at. According to the LHS coaching staff, the COVID-19 outbreak has forced them to get very creative with workouts and the locations of the workouts. Many of the coaches have said that their athletes have not only been doing the workouts that they have been giving them but the athletes themselves have also been creating some of their own workouts!

The first LHS coach to share with us his experience with his athletes and their workouts is JV Men’s Basketball Coach, Griffin Williams! Williams provided us with a statement describing how dedicated his athletes have been doing this tough time.

“Our varsity coach Rob Reis is doing a very nice job in trying to keep everyone engaged, as well as having the kids put some pressure on one another to make sure they are continuing to work and continuing to progress,” Williams said, “For me, it’s been fun to follow along to see who is checking in and who is posting their stuff for us to share. If you visit our program’s Twitter account you will be able to see some content on how our players and the youth are working on their games,” Williams added.

Stay tuned for more workouts and workout locations from LHS’s very own coaches and athletes!