by Cassie Mattia

Loveland, Ohio – Loveland High School is staying “Loveland Strong” by keeping both their students and athletes motivated through virtual classes and workouts! This year during these unfamiliar times, LHS coaches are dedicating a lot of their time to making sure their athletes are staying in shape.

This week we chatted with LHS’s Women’s Soccer Coach, Todd Kelly, to see just what his team is doing to stay in competition shape during the COVID-19 Stay At Home Order! Coach Kelly told us that in late February the coaching staff designed a series of workouts that are released to the team every couple weeks.

LHS’s Women’s Soccer Coach, Todd Kelly (Loveland Magazine file photo)

“These workouts are specific to what we do as a program so they focus on things we believe are inherent to the success of the women’s soccer program,” Kelly explained,  “Anyone that has been in the program knows this and passes on the importance of the workouts to our incoming freshmen. Each day the girls can choose between a beginning workout, intermediate workout, or an advanced workout…so they have three choices each day depending on how they feel.”

Coach Kelly said that in order to encourage unity within the team, the coaching staff asked the 9 returning varsity juniors and seniors to be group leaders. The group leaders are responsible for following up with 6 to 7 players every day about how their individual workout went.

Maria Bashardoust during the 2019 season. Maria has committed to play for Cleveland State this Fall. (Loveland Magazine file photo)

“Each individual player in their respective group sends a snapshot of themselves after the workout each day, also indicating how they feel and which workout they completed,” Kelly said, “As you can imagine, the snapshots have continued to get more creative with text, emojis’, etc. They have even come up with taglines on their snapshots and also on twitter like #Beastssss, #LetsGetIt, and #WinTheOffseason to name just a few. The 9 leaders are assigned to one of the varsity coaches who they connect with every day by sending their group’s snapshots. These snapshots are compiled every two weeks and sent out to the players and parents in a video for them to watch so they can know what each of their teammates is doing. This has also created a little bit of a rivalry on which group or individual can come up with the best snapshots,” Kelly added.


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The LHS Women’s Soccer coaching staff provided the women’s team with shirts in early March to keep them motivated to keep pushing themselves. Kelly said most of the team wear the shirts during each of their workouts.

The shirts above are the workout shirts the LHS Women’s Soccer Team has been wearing during the COVID-19 outbreak to stay motivated!

“In addition, the leaders have gone to the houses of their group members and left chalk messages on the driveway to help support and motivate them. We have the coaches and girls answering 12-15 questions about themselves on a slide with pictures, designs, etc. that represent them, kind of a “Get to Know” them or an “In the Spotlight” feature so they can learn more about their teammates while we are away from each other,” Kelly said, “We will put all these together into a slide show that we will send out each week with 7-10 new entries. We also have former players including some as far back as 2010 (and earlier) and some from our State Championship team that reached out and sent a 1-2 minute video message we are sending the current players to encourage them. These former players know the importance of what we do in the workouts and they wanted to encourage the current players during this difficult time to make sure they are staying focus and doing what needs to be done.  They all view each other as one big family regardless of when you graduate…once a Tiger, always a Tiger,” Kelly said.

The 2017 State Champion Ring (Loveland Magazine file photo)

Coach Kelly really wanted to focus on the team connecting during these tough times so the coaches decided to hold a Zoom call every 2 weeks with all the team leaders and their groups. This has allowed each player in the Women’s Soccer program to get an idea of what is going on and has allowed the coaches to see how each player is doing, if they have any struggles, and how they can help support each player.

LHS’s Women’s Soccer Coach, Todd Kelly (Loveland Magazine file photo)

“As a result, we are connecting with either our leaders or our players each week on a video call. Since the leaders have access to a coaching staff member, we are interacting each day to ensure they have what they need to get through these unchartered times,” Kelly explained, “These are just a few of things we as a staff and program are doing to stay connected with our players and encourage them.  It is important we all stay connected and supported and we want the girls to continue working out for their physical and mental health…and ours too.”

Thank you to all the LHS staff, coaches, administrators, and parents for keeping the students motivated and dedicated to bettering themselves as students and athletes! Here at Loveland Magazine, we will continue to bring the latest updates on COVID-19 and the effects it’s having on the community of Loveland as well as the latest LHS news!

Stayed tuned for the next “What are LHS Athletes Doing to Stay in Shape” segment!

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