Loveland, Ohio – After their annual inspection the Clermont County Engineer reported on May 6 that a new load rating has been added to East Loveland Avenue Bridge (No. M01-0.18) located in the City of Loveland. The weight limit has been reduced from 25 ton to 20 ton. The roadway is still open to through traffic at this time, however if the condition of the bridge worsens a full closure could occur according to the County. If that happens they will issue an update at that time.

This bridge is slated to be replaced later this year.


  1. Dear Loveland, When this does occur please notify the residents of Loveland Ave. Its very frustrating having workers walking through my yard unannounced every few weeks. They have left debris in my yard, frightened my small children, and created loud noise very early in the morning. Ashamed of how little my city is able to communicate

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