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Loveland Magazine columnist Cassie Mattia is a resident of Historic Downtown Loveland

Loveland, Ohio – Walking around Loveland it is not hard to see that the community has a special place in their hearts for pets. Whether you’re walking the Loveland Bike Trail, wandering around Nisbet Park or enjoying a beer and bite to eat outside at Narrow Path Brewery, there is a significant chance you will be greeted by one of Loveland’s furry friends!

Local Pet enthusiast and business owner, Tara Bubemyre, brought her talents to Loveland after being in the pet grooming business for more than 11 years.

“A woman that had been grooming for more than 20 years took me in under her wing and taught me everything she could. I loved all the places that I worked and gained experience from, but it was just a dream to have my own shop,” Bubemyre explained, “I wanted to give all pets the care and attention they deserved. I opened my own shop in January 2015 and it’s been wonderful. I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!”

Tara’s Pet Boutique, located on Loveland Madeira Road, is not just any other pet grooming shop. What really sets this unique shop apart from the rest, according to Bubemyre, is the pet is not just groomed they are also shown love, care and attention from the moment they arrive – to the moment their owner picks them up.

It’s impossible not to notice the passion that shines through each and every word Tara Bubemyre speaks.

“My goal when I decided to open my shop was to take all the amazing things that I’ve learned and make it the best I can. I did not want to have the type of grooming salon where people would drop off their dogs then the dog would be there all day sitting in a cage. It’s not good for the mental health of the dog,” Bubemyre said, “I wanted to do what we call ‘dogs straight through.’ This means as soon as the dog gets here we start on them immediately. They aren’t sitting in a cage. My biggest focus is that all the animals we see are as comfortable as possible when they are here.”

Bubemyre is no stranger to taking care of and nurturing pets as she herself has 4 dogs, 8 chickens, a pig, a chinchilla, and 2 cats! Sitting and talking with Tara Bubemyre about her business, her love for pets, the Loveland community, and her family it’s impossible not to notice the passion that shines through each and every word she speaks.

Tara’s Pet Boutique groomer, Bethany Hellwig.

“I’m just an entrepreneur at heart! I love organizing things for the community. I run the Loveland Youth Volleyball Organization,” Bubemyre said, “I love all the people and Loveland and all the people I have met and get to work with. Someone asked me ‘Do you think Loveland really needs a new groomer? And I said I really don’t know, but I just know I want to be here. This is where I live, this is where we do everything, this is what I want. I try to do as much I can for the Loveland community. I also want to inspire my daughter. We get special needs kids involved by having them come over so they can learn about grooming and owning a business. I also try to donate as much as I can to the local sports teams. I like getting the kids in here and interacting with them. I’ve lived in Loveland for 5 years and one of my biggest goals is to give back to the community. I also like to give back to other organizations that are doing good things,” Bubemyre added.

So where did all this passion come from? Bubemyre says she gains encouragement and positivity from a lot of different people in her life, specifically her step-dad and husband.

“My stepdad really just connected everything for me. He was there 24/7 and still to this day is. As I got older my husband became the person that really shaped me into who I am today,” Bubemyre explained. “When we met we just clicked and he has made me a better person. He is just uplifting. Any time I have a problem and I go to him he tells me, ‘Ok what are you going to do about it?’ and that’s all it takes to keep me going. We met 2 months before I opened my store and he was there every step of the way encouraging me. Any time I thought about giving up he would say ‘You can’t do that – this is your dream,” Bubemyre said.

The road to Tara’s Boutique wasn’t always easy as Bubemyre worked alone for quite some time. As months passed Bubemyre began building a reputation for her shop that people just couldn’t resist causing the shop’s sales to soar. She had to hire in some individuals that understood the goals she had for Tara’s Pet Boutique; to present great customer service and truly care for the animals.

“Bethany is my shop manager now and when she first started she wanted to learn grooming. She came from a Vet’s office. I taught Bethany all of her grooming and she already had great customer service skills,” Bubemyer said, “She came in wanting to learn and that’s what has made her so successful here. I also have Bailey Becker and she is a high school student who is going to Live Oaks for Animal Science. She also has the drive and wants to learn more every day. There are groomers out there who like the money, but they don’t like the career and I don’t appreciate that. You need the heart. You have to have the drive and passion to want to do this.”

Tara’s Pet Boutique is seeing the results from putting the pet and their owner above all, as the shop’s sales are doubling last year’s number every month. “It’s growing at an insane rate. I’m so happy people want to keep bringing me their pets,” Bubemyer said.

Bubemyer does her best to keep up on the most current grooming trends and products as well as offering grooming packages that fit the needs of any breed of dog including those that have long hair and need consistent maintenance.

“We also do 2-week maintenance packages that help with the longer haired dogs. It’s a discounted price as well,” Bubemyer added. “Parents don’t have to stress out as much about the haircutting and the matting of the hair!”

What does the future hold for Tara’s Pet Boutique? Bubemyre says she wants it all, as in a facility for her furry friends to have it all right here in Loveland!

“My end goal is to have everything, boarding, daycare, grooming, and training. I would like to have a top-notch facility where we can take great care of animals in Loveland,” Bubemyer said. “I also would like to do a self-serve dog wash. That’s my next big project. People go on the bike trail and maybe their dog gets muddy and we don’t always have time to fit them into the schedule at the last minute so another option would be to come in and do it yourself! I would like to get this going within the next 2 years. I also thought about opening another location in the Madeira area.”

I asked Bubemyer why she felt so passionately about giving back to the Loveland community and just why she was adamant about not only keeping her current business in Loveland but possibly opening a new one in Loveland as well. Her response displayed the Loveland “LOVE” we are all too familiar with.

“I love everything about Loveland. I know a lot of the local business owners and they all are just so wonderful and caring. We can really all just rely on each other. We are truly building a community together. My favorite thing about Loveland is the community,” Bubemyer said. “Everyone knows everyone and it’s just so nice to see everyone else thriving as well.”

Bubemyer also has some soft spots for some places in Loveland like Magnolia Springs Assisted Living. She said, “I go there and pick up their dogs and groom them for free. They are so loving and caring and just happy all the time.

Bubemyer also loves the bike trail. She said she loves Paxton’s for breakfast and thinks the owners of Tano’s are amazing. “They are the sweetest people and they always give to our fundraisers which is so nice. I also love Loveland Canoe and Kayak. The owners there are wonderful and really contribute to the community. Their heart is in what they do. If you love what you do you will never work a day in your life,” Bubemyer said with a huge smile on her face.

Tara’s Pet Boutique will be holding a fundraiser for “4 Paws 4 Ability,” in celebration of the shop’s anniversary.

“Every year I benefit some organization. This year we are doing 4 Paws 4 Ability, which trains service dogs for kids with disabilities. We will be grooming the service dogs at half price which will also raise more funds for the organization,” Bubemyer said. “It’s just a fun event! We will be doing face painting, an obstacle course and just things families can do together. I am really big on family. It’s May 4th from 1 to 4.”

If you would like to learn more about what services Tara’s Pet Boutique offers or the upcoming fundraiser you can visit Tara’s Pet Boutique LLC on Facebook or call 513-283-6051.

This year all proceeds will go to – 4 Paws For Ability

We will have a “fill the truck” where you can donate items they are in need of as well as a jar for cash donations!

We will also have lots of local fun such as

• DJ snowstorm
• Free face painting
• Tie dye for you and your pets with Funky Sunshine
• Blow up obstical course from All Star Event & Party Rental
• Info booth with Cincinnati Dog Trainers- Off Leash K9 Training
• Plus much more!

807 Loveland Madeira Rd, Loveland, Ohio 45140
Columnist Cassia Mattia is a resident of Historic Downtown Loveland. She is the Associate Editor of Loveland Magazine.

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