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by David Miller

David Miller

Loveland, Ohio – Ohio K-12 schools, including public, private, and career-tech entities, yesterday learned when their teachers and staff necessary for in-person learning are able to begin receiving vaccines.

Loveland City School District is included in COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Week 2 of first doses, starting February 8 as well as Indian Hill, Moeller, St. Xavier, Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy, Forest Hills (Anderson), Great Oaks Career Campuses, and Sycamore.

Included in Distribution Week 3 are, Kings, Lebanon, Little Miami, Mason, and St Margaret Of York.

Included in Distribution Week 4 are, Children’s Meeting House, Goshen, Milford, Ohio Valley Voices, and St. Columban.

Cincinnati Public Schools were able to jump the line and began their vacinations yesterday.

Loveland’s schools remain in hybird-learning at all buildings, a combination of some students and staff attending in-person five-days per week and some students and staff teaching or learning in Loveland’s Remote Academy five-days a week.*

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has said that he is making it clear his “goal of Ohio returning to in-person learning either full-time or in a hybrid model by March 1st.” In order to do this, the governor identified teachers and school personnel necessary for in-person learning as Phase 1B recipients as part of the Ohio COVID-19 Vaccination program.

“Vaccine is incredibly scarce, and we simply don’t have enough to vaccinate everyone at the same time. Therefore, this will be a rolling process, just like it has been during other vaccination phases, with a goal of administering all first doses by March 1st,” said Governor DeWine. “This rollout schedule is a heavy logistical lift that aims to ensure the maximum number of people can be vaccinated in the shortest amount of time.”

In a news release, Dewine said, “The plan also makes the process as simple as possible for staff to be vaccinated and is organized to allow most K-12 staff in a county to be vaccinated within seven days of their assigned vaccination start date. For the limited number of counties where vaccinations will take place over multiple weeks, local leaders will make the logistical and scheduling decisions.”

Eligible school employees will learn more about the locations and times of the vaccination sites from their administrators. The following documents list the entities by county in the week when teachers and personnel are able to begin vaccinations.

Week One (Beginning February 1st)

Week Two (Beginning February 8th)

Week Three (Beginning February 15th)

Week Four (Beginning February 22nd)

Here is the Loveland District’s latest Covid 19 Dashboard also released on Friday:

Below are the recent daily reports issued by the District:

The district has been notified of the following positive case of COVID-19:

  • On 1/28/21, a student at Loveland Elementary School, last at school on 1/25/21.
  • On 1/26/21, a student at Loveland Intermediate School, last at school on 1/22/21.
  • On 1/23/21, a teaching staff member at Loveland High School, last at school on 1/20/21;
  • On 1/24/21, a student at Loveland High School, last at school on 1/20/21; 
  • On 1/25/21, a non-teaching, non-school-based staff member, last at work on 1/21/21;
  • On 1/25/21, a student at Loveland High School, last at school on 1/20/21; and
  • On 1/25/21, a student at Loveland High School, last at school on 1/22/21.
  • On 1/22/21, a student at Loveland High School, last at school on 1/20/21.
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  1. “ Loveland’s schools remain in hybird-learning“ is not accurate. All LHS schools including LHS are in full-capacity/5-day learning. Those students who chose remote only are able to remain in remote learning.

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