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Loveland Competes in Swimming Districts

by Sam Smith

Miami University- On Saturday, February 18, mens and womens swimming competed in the State Southwest District meet. Thirteen schools went head-to-head in a series of events featuring hundreds of total swimmers. Loveland’s Sarah Klenke will go onto state for 100 backstroke.

In the womens 200 Medley, loveland placed 6th out of 12. Mens swimmers came in 4th out of 11. In the womens 200 yard freestyle, Hannah Bashardoust came in 15th, Meghan Lolli placed 18th and Hannah Hart placed 20th.

In the mens 200 freestyle, Evan Dial placed 15th, Kyle Griffin placed 15th and Jack Shanahan placed 15.

Ethan Dial?

In womens 200 yard IM, Kayla Johnson placed 14th, Emily Hageman placed 21st and Kamryn Eversole placed 22nd. In the Mens 200 yard IM, Alex Bacanursci placed 13th.

In the 50 yard freestyle, Lauren Williams placed 11th, Reagan Patton placed 12th, Avery Lawrence placed 23rd and Kamryn Eversole placed 23rd. Vaugn Richter placed 4th in the mens 50 yard freestyle, Mitchell Laifook placed 14th, Brycen Carle placed 22nd and Hunter Wentland placed 24th.

In the 100 yard butterfly, Kendell Wheeler placed 12th, Meghan Lolli placed 14th, Amy Deem placed 19th and Allison Salzl placed 21st. For men, Sam Ward placed 7th.

In the womens 100 yard freestyle, Emma Blackburn placed 15th, Reagan Patton placed 17th and Avery Lawrence placed 24th. In the mens event, Cade Jenkins placed 20th, Brycen Carle placed 21st and Alex Bacanursci placed 22nd and Adam Peters placed 24th.

In the womens 500 freestyle, Nami Cannon placed 6th, Amy Deem placed 19th and Hannah Hart placed 20th. For men, Evan Dial came in 9th.

Loveland placed 4th in the 200 yard freestyle for women and 11th for men.

Milford athlete, Chase Fisher, wins the 50 yard freestyle

In the 100 yard backstroke, Loveland saw more success with Sarah Klenke placing 2nd, Courtnet Mennen placing 3rd, Kayla Johnson in 12th and Audrey Lund in 13th for women. Brandon Day placed 2nd for men, Logan Colletta came in 18th, Josh Badzik in 19th and Kyle Griffin in 20th.

Vaughn Richter before the 50 yard freestyle

In the womens 100 yard breaststroke, Kendell Wheeler placed 12th, Lydia Powell placed 17th, Rachel Oberholzer placed 18th and Caroline Poole placed 23rd. For men, Mitchell Laifook placed 9th, Josh Badzik placed 19th and Jack Shanahan came in 20th.

For the 400 yard freestyle relay, Loveland placed 11th out of 12 for women and in 10th out of 10 for men.

Joe Carver placed 4th in mens diving. Riley Bullock placed 3rd in womens diving, Shelby Kline placed 9th and Chloe Cree placed 13th.

DI State Qualifer, Sarah Klenke, will compete for Loveland in the 100 Backstroke in Canton on Friday, Feb 23, starting at 9 AM.

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