LES third-grade students learn about culture in Afghanistan through a Skype session

Teachers team up and incorporate technology to go global with a lesson on culture

Loveland, Ohio – It was an International lesson in the classroom Friday, Sept. 18, at Loveland Elementary School (LES) when third-grade students connected with another country in real time.

Melissa Prenger and Kelly McDonald’s classes learned about Afghanistan from a class parent and a Skype chat with the parent’s friend. They spoke about the culture of Afghanistan and the way of life there.

“There has been an expansion in the use of technology across the district as some 1,200 devices have landed in Loveland classrooms from the Loveland Early Childhood Center up through Loveland High School,” said David Knapp, district director of instructional technology. “Our classroom teachers have unprecedented district access to technology to enhance instruction, and we are thrilled to see real-life examples such as this showing how our teachers are broadening the student experience in a global way.”





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