Collaborative story written by Jennifer Miller’s first-grade class at the Loveland Primary School,
Will Hillenbrand visited Jen Miller’s 1st grade class to teach her students how he writes and illustrates his famous children’s books.

Loveland, Ohio – Will Hillenbrand is an author and illustrator. Will is a story-teller. He draws and writes. Will draws what he dreams and imagines. He is happy when he draws.

Will uses tape, his magic pencils, and glue to create. His studio is in Terrace Park, Ohio.

Will’s art makes me happy.


Will Hillenbrand is a nationally acclaimed illustrator of children’s literature. After first-grade teacher, Ms. Miller found out Hillenbrand was coming to visit the Loveland Primary School to tell students how he writes and illustrates his famous children’s books, he was asked if he would make a special visit to her class and take part in their on-going writing collaborative with Loveland Magazine. The children used the time to write notes about the author – to use for writing their own story and also showed Hillenbrand how they are taught in the classroom to write stories.

The class visited the office of Loveland Magazine later that month to jointly write a story about Hillenbrand. The story above is the culmination of the lesson plan on writing and how newspapers can be a tool for telling stories about events in the community.


The photos below were taken while the students were at Loveland Magazine to work on the story they have published.

Below those photos is the art the children created using the skills they learned from Hillenbrand to help tell their story.


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