by Matt Huether

Loveland, Ohio – The Spring sports season at Loveland High School is underway. Loveland High School is looking to continue its ongoing success of this year into another ECC All Sports Trophy.

Last spring Loveland took home 3 ECC Championships in Men’s Lacrosse, Women’s Lacrosse, and Men’s Baseball. This sports season Loveland looks to up that total.

Men’s Tennis

Return starters this season include Connor Ruble (SO), Sam Greenberg (JR), Alex Ditchen (JR), Matt Huether (SR), Ethan Libby (SO), and Cameron Smith (SR). After finishing 2nd in the ECC last year, the team looks primed to try and win an ECC Championship.

Women’s Softball

Return starters include Taylor Owens (SR), Ally Batsch (JR), Katlyn Krmaer (JR), Isabel Vuyk (JR), and Olivia Kenyon (JR). The team also returns their number one pitcher, Livia McClellan (JR) who had 54 strikeouts over 90 innings pitched last season.

Men’s Baseball

Returning starters include Carson Deer (JR), Spencer Rodriguez (SO), Matt Wesley (SR), Ian Cox (JR) as well as their number one pitcher, Zach Segal (SR) who had 63 strikeouts in 50 innings pitched. Zach also boasted a 1.12 ERA, a 6-2 record, and a whip of 1.10 last season.

All Sports Trophy

Loveland is currently up two points in the All Sports Trophy standings over Turpin (112.5 to 110.5). Loveland teams looking to win the ECC for consecutive years this season are Men’s Baseball (would be their 4th straight ECC Championship), Men’s Lacrosse (would be their 3rd straight ECC Championship), and Women’s Lacrosse (would be their 3rd straight ECC Championship).

Some recent Loveland High School sporting events include:

  • Loveland Men’s Baseball team started off their season with a scrimmage at Elder where they tied 5-5.

  • Loveland Men’s Lacrosse team opening their season against Sycamore where they fell 11-6.

  • Loveland Women’s Lacrosse team opening up with scrimmages against Ursuline Academy and Lakota West, both of which Loveland won.

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