Loveland, Ohio – With “Summary/Unofficial” results, the Loveland City School District operating levy of 6.95 mills is failing in all three counties as of 6:30 AM Wednesday morning.

All mail-in ballots and provisional ballots will still have to be tabulated in the days to come. The mail-in ballots needed a postmark of April 27, so some of those ballots will still have to be received from the Post Office. Validly cast provisional ballots also will need to be tabulated.

Hamilton County says they will need 2-3 weeks to publish final results.

Clermont County

YES – 1,988

NO – 2,741

Hamilton County

YES – 1780

NO – 2921

Warren County

YES 76

NO 104


YES – 3844

NO – 5766

In a statement posted on the District web site, Superintendent Dr. Amy Crouse said, “We accept the outcome and respect the decision voters made, but this is a devastating loss for our schools. At this time of national and global uncertainty, we will also prepare to start the new school year in August with a significantly reduced budget, which will directly impact programs, class size, and services to our students. In addition, we will have to start preparing to go back on the ballot. This is unfortunately how school funding works in Ohio.”

As of this morning, the “Loveland Voice” Political Action Committee has not issued a statement only posting preliminary results on their FaceBook page. Loveland Voice had organized to actively oppose the levy.

The District statement also said:

In addition to the $2.7 million in expense reductions already made in 2019, significant cuts will be made to the operating budget in the coming months. These reductions include, among others, the elimination of at least 25 administrative, teaching and non-teaching staff positions, and the elimination of high school busing.

“Yes for Loveland” the Political Action Committee supporting the school levy posted this message on their FaceBook page 3 hours ago:

According to current results, it appears the Loveland Community has voted to NOT pass the Operating Levy. Official results will be reported in 2 – 3 weeks.

We appreciate all of your hard work and support this year. We understand we have to rally together once again to find the answer to funding the district for our children. We will do this together.

Seeing the out pour of love for one another and the care of our community gives us all hope in this time of a pandemic. Continue to support and take care of one another. We’re all in this together!