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Loveland Magazine’s very own David Miller is Recognized by OHSAA and LHS

“The LHS Athletic Department already treated me like royalty, so this is the icing on that cake.” – David Miller

by Cassia Mattia

Loveland, Ohio – It’s always an honor to receive recognition. Whether it’s for something as simple as performing an act of kindness, like volunteering for a charity, or for something as big as being honored for doing outstanding work within your career. That day has come for Owner and Editor In Chief of Loveland Magazine, David Miller!

The Members of the Southwest District Athletic Board notified Miller just a few weeks ago that he was chosen as the recipient for OHSAA’s prestigious “Media Award.” Below is the history behind the Media Award:

In 1991, the Ohio High School Athletic Association initiated a program entitled the Sportsmanship, Ethics, and Integrity Program. One aspect of the program was to honor those special individuals who bring great recognition to our high schools, coaches, and especially, our athletes through media’s different forms. Each of Ohio’s six athletic districts was asked to put a process in place to gather nominations of individuals who fit this special category.” – OHSAA’s Official Website 

When Miller received the news about being selected as a recipient of the Media Award and found out that the Loveland High School (LHS) Athletic Department Staff were responsible for him being nominated Miller was beyond the moon! 

On Saturday, February 1st LHS’s Athletic Department wanted to celebrate Miller and his award so they invited him to be honored between quarters of the Loveland Men’s basketball game. Although Miller was nearly at a loss for words he wanted to take the time to thank LHS for helping him get to this point in his Journalism career.

“This really felt good for me to walk out on the court and be honored by the LHS Athletic Department,” Miller said, “Loveland’s Athletic program is incredible because it puts the students first as well as their academics. I remember being at the Senior awards ceremony at LHS last Fall and the parents were on one side and athletes were on the other. The gym was filled. The athletes were dressed in their best clothes and everyone sat and paid attention as each student-athlete received their accolades. They were so attentive and applauded for each award given,” Miller added, “I remember thinking to myself, what an impressive group of students and what an incredible amount of work went into preparing for the night! The respect the athletes have for one another is something the LHS Athletic Department doesn’t demand but they teach them how to honor and support one another.”

“Not every reporter in Ohio gets to be at games where an atmosphere of fun, safety, and respect is demonstrated by the young men and women at Loveland High School. I can’t thank the Athletic Department enough for that aspect of what they do,” said Miller.

“LHS has always made me feel welcome at their events and have always made every effort to help me get coverage for their athletes,” said Miller.

“They are so accommodating and are always giving back to those who make a difference in the Loveland community and recognizing me is one example of what they do every day.”

In praising the Athletic Department Miller stressed the hospitality they show him whenever he enters a court or field. “They are so accommodating and are always giving back to those who make a difference in the Loveland community and recognizing me is one example of what they do every day.” He added, “There is never a stupid sports question I ask that isn’t answered, and believe me, I can ask some stupid questions.” Miller talked about whenever he enters a court or field that he is greeted by someone in the Department thanking him for being there and asking him if there is anything he needs.

If being recognized in front of the wonderful people and student-athletes of LHS wasn’t enough Miller will also get the opportunity to be recognized during the finals at Ohio’s Division 1 Boys’ High School basketball game at Xavier University’s Cintas Arena. The ceremony will take place on Sunday, March 8th between quarters 3 and 4. Miller and 8 of his guests will also be treated to a sit-down dinner before the honorary ceremony. OHSAA also expressed their appreciation for Miller and everything he has done for Ohio High School sports.

“Congratulations! We truly appreciate what you have done and continue to do for our coaches and athletes,” OHSAA’s representatives said.

Miller will be joining a very talented group of journalists who previously received the Media Award. Check out past winners of OHSAA’s Media Award below!

2018-19 John Bombatch (Xenia Gazette) and Dale Barger (Greenville Daily Advocate)
2017-18 Wade Linville (Brown County Press) and Elise Jesse (Cincinnati WLWT-TV)
2016-17 None
2015-16 Rick Cassano (The Journal-News) and Marc Pendleton (Dayton Daily News)
2014-15 Eric Frantz (J.J. Huddle) and Matt Hammond (Bellefontaine Examiner)
2013-14 Rob Kiser (Piqua Daily Call) and Mark Slaughter (Cincinnati WCPO-TV)
2012-13 None
2011-12 Jack Kramer ( and Scott Ward (Greenville WTGR)
2010-11 Mike Dyer (Cincinnati Enquirer) and Ron Nunnari (Englewood Independent)
2009-10 Jack Pohl (Dayton WDTN-TV) and Chick Ludwig (Dayton Daily News)
2008-09 Enos Pennington (New Richmond Local Sports Radio) and Richard Crawford (Clermont Sun Newspapers)
2007-08 Sonny Fulks (Piqua WPTW) and Jerry Nardiello (Middletown Journal)
2006-07 Ken Barhorst (Sidney Daily News) and Tom Archdeacon (Dayton Daily News)
2005-06 Tom Groeschen (Cincinnati Enquirer) and Roger Barber (Wilmington WSWO-Radio and Wilmington WKFI-Radio)
2004-05 Ron Jackson (Dayton Daily News) and Omar Williams (Dayton WDTN-TV) and Guy Fogle (Dayton WDTN-TV)
2003-04 John Popovich (Cincinnati WCPO-TV) and Tom Gamble (Cincinnati WLW/WCKY-Radio)
2002-03 Jack Gordon (WPFB-Radio, Middletown) and Joe Neves (WPTW-Radio, Piqua)
2001-02 Bill Liermann (WKFI/WSWO-Radio, Wilmington) and Kert Radel (WMOH-Radio, Hamilton)
2000-01 Mark Huber (Wilmington News-Journal) and Mike Hartsock (WHIO-TV, Dayton)
1999-2000 Don McDermott (Greenville Daily Advocate) and Dave Schutte (Cincinnati Enquirer)
1998-99 Dave Long (Dayton Daily News) and Duane Bachman (WPTW-Radio, Piqua)
1997-98 Ted Landis (Brookville Star) and Warren Johnson (WPFB-Radio, Middletown)


Join us in congratulating David Miller for receiving OHSAA’s 2020 Media Award! Stay tuned for photos from the March 8th honorary ceremony!


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