7th Grade:

Social Studies: Joshua Bryant

Math: Eva Walzer

Science: Austin Smith

Science:  Dylan Smith

English: Courtney Yoder

8th Grade:

Social Studies: Franklin Cabral

Math: Abby Richardson

Science: Josh Holbrook

English: Akmaljon Akramov


Phys Ed / Health: Nicole Dierling

Phys Ed / Health:  Abigail Hutchinson

Phys Ed / Health:  Taylor Goorhouse

Foreign Language: Chloe Etter

Fine Arts: Evan Osgood

Music:  Logan Newby

Music:  Mahaile Newby


Katie Rose, 8th Grade Social Studies & ELA


7th Grade

Ava Westfall

Ella Clemons

Evan Osgood

Alexa Pillai

Elena Hentz

8th Grade

Athena Black

Emma Scott

Alex Wolf

Brianna Cainion

Maaike Snider


Abby Beach, 7th Grade Math

Catie Rudisell, 7th Grade Science

Nick Hartings, 8th Grade Science

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