Dylan Bodley is a professional musician residing in Nashville. He graduated from Belmont in May of 2016 as a Commercial Guitarist.

Loveland native and LHS grad Dylan Bodey and friends present…

Another fun weekend filming with The Bengal Boys
Bengals Growl | Backstreet Boys edition

Bengal Boys Members: 
Dylan Bodley – Loveland HS Grad (2012)
Alex Dolezal – Loveland HS Grad (2012)
Parker Phillips – Loveland HS Grad (2012)
Colin Cooper – CHCA Grad (2010)
The Bengals Boys – “The boy band that only knows one song. Showing our love for the Cincinnati Bengals by presenting the Cincy renowned fight song, “Bengals Growl” by George Bird, in a different genre/style every week.”

Dylan Bodley is a Cincinnati, OH native who is now residing in Nashville, TN. In 2012, Dylan began attending Belmont University to study guitar and the music business. During his time at Belmont, Dylan was fortunate enough to intern with renowned producer, Jay Joyce, and record label, Big Loud. He also played in Belmont’s 2016 Country Showcase with artists Kayla Woodson and Kassi Ashton as well as the Best of the Best Showcase with Kassi Ashton. In May of 2016, he received his Bachelors of Music Degree. 

Dylan specializes in jazz, rock, pop, blues, country, and funk. With influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix, Eric Johnson, Duane Allman, Pat Metheny, and Brent Mason, Dylan combines their individual styles to create an entirely unique sound. Now, Dylan plays with country artist, Kayla Woodson, and is in a funk/rock/pop band called Trapped On Earth. HE has also done studio work for Grammy winning producer, Joey Moi. You can hear his work on their debut album, Hotel Earth. He is currently endorsed by Waits Instruments and is in the process of creating his own signature guitar with them. 

Feel free to contact Dylan for lessons, corporate events, weddings, sessions, touring, and any other performance opportunity you can imagine!

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